Lift Military Rule Command Post in Oromia,and Release Political

Lift Military Rule/Command Post in Oromia, Ethiopia and Release Political Prisoners

Daniel D. started this petition to Ethiopian government

(secureavaaz)-Ethiopia is significantly divided and military rule is targeting specifically the Oromo people; killing them in their homes, schools, and imprisoning those who have the courage to stand for justice. The government has the audacity to withhold critical information from its people about the COVID-19 global crisis, and is perpetuating the problem by amassing people into prison cells. We cannot continue to stand by and inadvertently promote the genocide of the Ethiopian Oromo people. The Oromo people have struggled for freedom from the systematic governmental oppression. This is a call to action. We are calling you to sign this petition requiring the government to lift the oppression of and brute military rule over the Oromo people. Lift the command post/military rule.