Lessons learned from history:

Lessons learned from history:
– In 1992 Isayas sided with TPLF in defeating z OLF. He regretted in 1998 when TPLF turned on him and later hosted OLF in Eritrea for decades.
– Now TPLF must have regretted for pushing out z OLF in 1992 b/se now they lost everything they thought have gained by controlling the state power.
– I predict Isayas will regret again soon. He is gambling at the risk of making a strategic blunder just like 1992. There are many scenarios following this war and I bet none of them will be favorable to Isayas eventually.
Let’s wait and see.
-In all of this, z Oromo struggle will continue no matter what. At times we may use an opportunity. Another time we may also face challenges and set backs. But each passing day is an inch towards our goal because we have a just cause and we have potential to achieve our goal.
Aluta Continua!!

Kaanserii Qabsoo Oromoo
• Abiyyii Ahimad Alii
• Ermiyaas Laggase Waaqjiraa
•Taammiraat Nagaraa
• Abbabee Tolaa Fayyisaa
• Yoonaattaan Tasfaayee Raggaasa
Gaazexeessaa: Yeroo guddattan maal ta’uu barbaaddu?
AETAY: Amaara
Gaazexeessaa: Hojii akkami hojjechuun Amaara ta’uu keessan mirkaneessitu?
AETAY: Oromoo irratti duuluun dhabamsiisuun
Gaazexeessaa: Oromoon maal isin godhe kan irratti duuluun balleessitan?
AETAY: Yoo Oromoo irratti duulle malee Amaara nu hin godhan.
Gaazexeessaa: Itti milkoofna jettanii yaadduu?
AETAY: Yoo Oromoon akka ammaa kanatti itti fufe nii milkoofna
Gaazexeessaa: teenyee ilaallaka

ህልመኛዉ ኤርምያስ ለገሰ ለአማራ ልዩ ሀይል ሰፋ ፈታ ያለ proposal ፅፎ በምዕራብ ወለጋ፣ በምስራቅ ወለጋ እና በቤንሻንጉል ጉሙዝ መተከል ላይ ልክ እንደ ትግራይ እንድዘምቱ እና ኦሮሙማን እንድዋጉ ትዕዛዝ አስተላልፏል። pappa

Birhanu Lenjiso PHD baatee haga qopheen milla isaa dhumtutti miillaan jooree hojii barbaade dhabee, biyya galee takkaan gorsaa diigndee Mummicha ministeera ta’e.

Waaqaaf jedhaa faradaa, namnii biyya gudate keessatti PHD baatee diinagdeen of hin dandeenye, ani maalii jedhe biyyaa hagana geessu kana diigndeen irratti gorsa?