Diaspora: The focus of your lenses are on your Souls not the Struggle

Oromo Diaspora: The focus of your lenses are on your Souls not the Struggle

(By Najat Hamz)

Who does freedom belong to? Who fights for independence? Who fights for the right to speak? Assemble or to live freely on their own country? It is the people who are directly hit with the limitation of their freedom. The people who have no other alternative but fight to survive. The people whose lives depended on their resistance, those are

the people who cannot afford the luxury of bouncing theories or controversies because if they did, they know the effect to be the elongation of their suffering. The know moments spent infighting is the gain for the enemy, for their suffering. They know this to be their universal truth, their one and only way to secure their livelihood, their identity and their country. So, they fight, they are still fighting and they will continue to fight because the alternative is doom.
These are my people in Oromia, they are paying with lives and lymph to gain and secure their freedom and their human dignity. It is a noble up-taking to be supported, celebrated, respected to those who understand what it means to live without dignity and respect, the hallmark of humanity.
Then, there is the rest of us, scattered around the world for the same reason our brothers and sisters are dying in astronomical numbers. The TPLF regime and its robbery of our land, dignity and humanity. Most of us try to do good by our people. The rest is investing their time hell bent in breathing life into the dead corps of TPLF regime for the reasons that defy logic. These noisy tiny, diaspora minority focus their lenses on personal deficiencies, party lines (where there is no country or populations to entice) and petty propaganda. They will go as far as equating their daily delusions to the real fight on the ground in Oromia as a temperature of our struggle. I say, NO!!! That Lens is focused on your souls, the soul tainted by selfishness, greed, ego and emptiness. The Oromo people did not start the final fight for their freedom with you as a referee blowing the whistle, they started fighting because their very survival is threatened.
Their survival are still in question, their country is still occupied by enemy, their kids are still being hunted and so on and so forth. If you move your camera lens 180 degrees you will see the truth instead of your self serving delusions. We are people without country whether we are out side of Oromia or in our own country but our daily actions reflect otherwise. I speak for myself, when I tell you, I am the trapped generation, the generation that left home with our parent decision to flee and a generation who cannot and will not understand the mess we live here. We are, at least I am somewhere between home and nowhere! I am somewhere between Oromia and sharing a label I do not subscribe to. I am trapped.
The truth of our people is simple and true, yet we make it as complicated as possible. We are the enemy we fight! We are the enemy we cannot defeat! We are our own force and destruction. If we do not understand this dynamics we will be breathing into the dead corps of TPLF regime and be ruled by their ghosts.
However, I believe and affirm that our power is bigger than petty noises, our determination is stronger than momentary winds, our aspiration is truth, and our goals are achievable. I do not care from which sides of your mouth you are speaking from or what ideology you’re trying to jam to our throat, both the struggle and liberation belongs to the people. As long asALLAH/GOD/Waaqa allows me to breath one additional breath, I will never give up on my people, my country or my freedom.
Focus your Lenses on the truth not the blackness of your souls!!!
If the blood of Oromo martyrs from this past year alone did not cleanse your sickness of Gandummaa, off Qollummaa, gantummaa nothing ever will, in which case your are rotten from the core to begin with.

Ummataa Kiyya Oromiyaa jirtaniif, lubbun tiyya wareega isinif haa taatu iddaa dhukubbii fi darara kesaani!!!

Oromia will be free!!!