Lencoo Lata and his Oromo Democratic Front is rushing to save TPLF from its inevitable down fall!

Lencoo Lata and his Oromo Democratic Front is rushing to save TPLF from its inevitable down fall!

Lencoo Lata
Lencoo Lata, President of ODF

By Abbaa Ormaa

Why is the rush Obboo Lencoo Lata?

Lencoo Lata once again sides with the enemies of the Oromo people and rushes to save TPLF from its demises. It is unfortunate to witness someone the Oromo people have considered their hero, despite his political naiveté and flaws (or expired politics), for long time destroying what is left of his diminished statue because of his oversized ego and arrogance.

In a span of short time, we have seen a dozen of meetings from TPLF and its surrogate central committees in the name of reform but the reality is it is a response to panics by the absolute rejection of the regime by the peoples of Ethiopia.

The TPLF-led regime never got the mandate of governing the country from the peoples of Ethiopia. It came to power by the barrel of guns and ruled for the last 26 years at the barrel guns. Obviously dies by the barrel of guns! Millions were ejected from their homes so that TPLF affiliated corporations scramble for the land in the name of investment. The only legacy it will take to grave is genocide, mass incarceration, corruptions, and ethnic colonialism.  The peoples of Ethiopia do not need to be told what ethnic colonialism is because they see and living under one in TPLF. Just in case,

 “Internal colonialism is the way in which a country’s dominant group exploits minority groups for its economic advantage. The dominant group manipulates the social institutions to suppress minorities and deny them full access to their society’s benefits. Slavery is an extreme example of internal colonialism, as was the South African system of apartheid.”

The TPLF regime is destroying a generation.

Every time the regime is squeezed by the gallant Qeerroo movements for freedom, TPLF loosens its leash on OPDO so that its moles go out and make these ridiculous statements to divert attentions from the true story. The story of what is happening inside TPLF’s corruption camp, its disintegrating army, and the more than million Oromo that are evicted from their homes and suffering and the tens of thousands of Oromo children without school as a result.

At the conclusion of the recent ten day marathon meeting of its central committee, OPDO announced Afan Oromo becoming a national language alongside Amharic, their readiness to engage with Oromo political organizations, war on cross-state line illegal trading, corruptions etc.  Without a single word how it is going to accomplish these laundry list of empty words. We all know that this does not even worth the paper it is typed on and the time of the poor secretariat.  Lemma is proving himself to be an empty barrel whose only mission is to slow down the slow death of his masters by slowing down the Qeerroo movement for freedom! Good Luck Lemma.

Lencoo Lata once again have shown his luck of judgment in rushing to embrace the empty rhetoric of OPDO and expressed eagerness to fly home as soon as he and his sidekicks find the next flight back home before the reading of the central committee’s press release on TV was even complete. What a disgrace!

One wonders why these handfuls of ODFiascos are so desperate that they fail to comprehend the reality on the ground. One would expect someone of Lencoo’s statue to ask fundamental questions that he sucks at any way. Why are Bekele Garba and his comrades still languishing in jail for bogus accusations if they are serious? Why more than a million Oromos displaced from their homes are not going back to their land and homes than searching for new homes? Why is Agazi still killing and mass incarcerating Oromo children?

Everyone knows that this is TPLF’s last stand to slow down its inevitable downfall.  The truth is Lencoo and OPDO cannot save this rotten blood thirsty regime.

Qeerroo can see this theatre for what it is and continue the march. Recently some in OPDO have been talking good talks for some time now and yet there is nothing to show for all the posturing. It is all hot air and to divert the Oromo people from their enemy, the TPLF. We now know that these individuals are godfathered and groomed by TPLF to do exactly what they are doing now, to use them as Trojan horses to undermine the Oromo struggle. They are TPLF’s insurance policy against the Oromo people. OPDO exists as long as the head of this Mafia group, Sebehat Nega, sees the use to keep them.

Oromia shall be free!


  1. Apartheid system like the one TPLF settelers in FINNFINNE can’t be reformed or go discussion with them,,,, those who dream such solutions can work in wayane / agame land must read history books never happen before any where in the world…even in south Africa apartheid still exist…3 millions white minority control 99% of economy and waiting to be distroyed…,,, !? black majority have got freedom to slaughter each other…nothing else left to do….

    Oppressed nations in fake Abyssinia must NOT miss this chance and note no body can save wayane minority settelers this time around……they must be rooted out completely as soon as possible
    Don’t waste time for polshit talk for talk

  2. I don’t think obbo Lenco has a plan to save TPLF. Rather, he has an opportunistic reading into the political development in Ethiopia, and trying to capitalize on it. Ethiopian political opposition is eventually shifting from Diaspora to Ethiopia. ODF wants to be part of the game.

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