Large Amhara/Ethiopian operation underway?

Large Amhara/Ethiopian operation underway?

The war that is going on in northern Ethiopia especially Amhara and four regions has started again.
The government army who started an attack against ‘ Tigre ‘ forces ‘ said they will resign ‘ Tigray region ‘ the newest war started today in South Wollo ‘ south Gonder and many surrounding areas.
On the other hand the Tigrian force said that they have made a big progress in the war in the south of Wollo, saying that they have held a lot of soldiers in the government are the way they made the speech.
It is worth mentioning that both sides of the army have been arrested for a short period of time.
The Ethiopian government has arrested many soldiers for training and some are still going on.
Sabiir ali. Ogaadenia Media Bahar-Daar.

The defense of Tigray in total war

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