Larebo’s outdated talk on “Public” Media- Esat

Larebo’s outdated talk on “Public” Media : Esat

I tried escaping all the temptation that emanate from Larebo’s outdated talk on “public” media. But it is not that simple.

Once Ban Ki-moon said “literacy is not just about reading and writing; it is about respect, opportunity and development”. Leaving the respect part aside for now, the statement shows that updating what you know is an integral part of literacy itself (let alone professor-ship). Haile Larebo’s Ethiopia is still the Ethiopia where the nationhood of its nations and nationalities was weaken by the introduction of the kefle-hager. Haile has no idea about the new Oromia where Qube-generation speak the standardized Afaan Oromo and rock the entire country over night asking the same question from Wollo to Borana and from Harar to Wallaga.

He has no idea about the youth in Gonder who raised their hands above their head and stood in solidarity with their Oromo brothers shouting their brother’s blood is theirs too. He is outdated to understand the promises that these youth made based on spilled blood. If he could update he could have understood that the external definition used by the Oromo youth to promise that spilled Amhara blood is their blood and vise versa is more than enough for him to recognize the existence of Amhara as a people. This is simply illiteracy (in a sense that he failed to update).

Via: Birhanu M Lenjiso