Lady Liberty to be black woman on new US $100 coin

Lady Liberty to be black woman on new US $100 coin

The coin is the first in a series to feature women from ethnic minorities

(BBC News) -The US Mint and Treasury will for the first time issue a commemorative coin depicting Lady Liberty as a black woman.

The coin commemorates the Mint’s 225th anniversary and shows Liberty with a crown of stars and a toga-like dress.

The 24 carat coin will weigh 20g (1oz) and have a face value of $100 (£80).

The US Mint says it plans to issue further coins depicting Liberty as women from ethnic minorities, such as Asian, Hispanic or Indian Americans.

Rhett Jeppson, the Mint’s principal deputy director, told the New York Timesnewspaper that part of the intention was to “have a conversation about liberty – and we certainly have started that conversation”.

A total of 100,000 of the Gold coins will be created, along with 100,000 silver reproductions of the image, called medals, that will sell for about $50, the newspaper reported.

The coins will go on sale on 6 April.

Coins bearing new designs will be issued every two years, the Mint said in a statement.