Kuni Safu Odoo hin taane milkaayina jaraati Oromoon kanarra maal baratu qabna!

kuni safu odoo hin taane milkaayina jaraati oromoon kanarra maal baratu qabna WBO akkanati hojatu ma

Oduu Injifannoo WBO Guyyaa har’aa Finfinnee cinatti tarkaanfiin cimaan fudhatame.

Breaking news ′′ Tigre released soldiers among Ethiopian military prisoners were arrested in the northern Ethiopian war especially in Tigray
They rejected the red line in ICRC.

“When OPDO , EPLF and TPLF launched operation to completely destroy OLF in mid 1990s, Galasa was corned in West Hararghe and he was only few hundred meters away from capture. Dozens of WBO sacrificed their lives to save Galasa’s life.
Abba Duulaa was the leader of OPDO then. Time changed. Galasa forgot everything! He is enjoying his old age with jus former enemies who wanted him dead!
There are families who still did not hear from their children who died in Ramis river to save Galasa’s life.”