Oromia- Mormiin karaa cufuu fi labsii hatattamaa kuffisuu itti fufee jira.

Oromia – Mormiin karaa cufuu fi labsii hatattamaa kuffisuu itti fufee jira.

Daandii Guddaan Magaalaa Dambii Dolloo Finfinnee geessuu Magaalaa Canqaa bifa kanan Cuufamee jira mani daldalaa hunduu Cuufaadha.


“Fincila diddaa qeerroo Gimbii Kan itti fufe yoo ta’u Loltuun poolisii federaalaa tokko qeerrodhaan


“Qeerroo har’a gudaritti abbaa isaa waliin rukutame abbaan isaa Agaaziin ajjeefameera.biyyoon isatti haa salphattu.”

“Tarkaanfin daandii cufuu gimbiittis itti fufee jira.

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  1. Oromos must finally wake up and understand the fact that no amount of dancing from Eritrea by OLF or peaceful protests and carnage of Oromo children in Oromia towns can free Oromia. You don’t need more than 30 years of experience to realize that the only language TPLF understands is the sound of the gun. I am absolutely sure the the Oromo people can give them more than enough of what Tigres want hear to change course. Therefore, you must encourage and organize people to take arms and free yourselves. The resistance must swiftly move from rural Oromia to Finfinne to deny the enemy the chance to sleep in peace.
    Personally, I see the vote in parliament positively. It showed us for the first time that other than the 95 Oromo members of parliament, the rest 346 who voted for the war against oromo people and the absentees who were in the country while the voting was taking place are actually deadly enemies of our people who should be destroyed from Oromo soil.

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