King of Kings – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Ambition in the 21st Century

King of Kings – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Ambition in the 21st Century

By Worku Burayu (PhD), March 3, 2019

So far, we have been hearing the “Not Enough Time Deception” from our big, populist and godlike, “King of the Kings,” Abiy Ahmed and the eloquent orators, “President Lemma Megerssa.” The time is not enough for them because they are busy in many things. The question is, what are they busy about? The credible sources informed me that President Lemma spent only 20 to 25% of his time on issues related to Oromia. About 100% of his time supposed to go for Oromia cause. He spent much of his time on Ethiopian addiction politics, “Ethiopia Suus Nat”. I had no doubt from the very beginning and I have no reservation now either to mention that “The fish rots from the head” that most of the problems in Oromia can be tracked back to both; not to their cadres, or low-level officials. Sabbonummaa and Oromummaa have been targeted and dishonored by Abiy and Lemma. They have connection to the corrupted individuals in and outside the country. Their ambitions are to be King of Kings or to climb two trees at the same time.

Presently, sorts of kingdom like governing approach are mainly practicing in Ethiopia. The first and the most known is Tigray Kingdom under the king of Debretsion. The second is, the Amhara kingdom under the king of Degu. The third is the Somali kingdom under the King of Mustafa. The fourth Kingdom is Oromia under the King of Lemma. The former two Kingdoms are strong: in their position, their military capability, security and without interruption by the Federal government. They dealt with the opposition group with wisdom and patience to shape their security forces. They did it without others noticed it. No one claim their own big cities even localities. Of course, they are clashing on localities and cities and claims for the properties that are not theirs. The Somali region is not as strong as it was. But, they have well trained security forces coupled with highly trained from the previous rebel group (ONLF) that can defend their society. Southern are intentionally ignored, people are trying to demand their liberty. Oromia is the weakest Kingdom where the Federal government domineer over the regional government.  Interference not only from the Federal government, but also from gusts in the Kingdom are everywhere. It is the only region which hunted their own men and women; whose capital city and many other cities claimed by others; who doesn’t want to deal patiently with opposition group that has military wing; who denied good intention for his own well-trained security forces. Why? It is because of self-destructing approach followed by the ambitious individuals: Who are they?

  1. Abiy Ahmed, the prime minister of Ethiopia, is trying to follow the King Haile Selassie –Ethiopia’s “Lion of Judah,” governing approach because for him “His Imperial Highness Emperor Haile Selassie represented a successional line which overextended back centuries and was an absolute leader and yet a modernizer who introduced the very reforms in the country. If you watched him carefully, the way he visited the hospitalized personnel, the process he celebrated his military display, the way he took pictures after visiting military, the schedule of reading books sitting in Sofa and the manner and style he acted are duplicate of Haile’s practice.
    Haile Selassie came to power as regent of Abyssinia, later Ethiopia, in 1916, but many of the myths around him originated with Mussolini’s invasion of the country in 1935 that forced him into exile. In 1941, after six years of occupation, the Italians were defeated by British and South African forces and Selassie could return to his throne in Addis Ababa, where he remained in power until 1974. Selassie proclaimed himself a guarantee descendent of Solomon’s wife, the Queen of Sheba (who believed have come from present day Yemen). And the Ethiopian royal family promoted myths of its own, particularly its vaunted descent from King Solomon, the legendary third king of Israel. Consequently, many worshipped him as reborn of Abyssinian’s God. But, that made him ridiculed, idolized and marginalized. In 1974, when his regime collapsed, many thought it was the last for Ethiopia to exist on this planet. Others believe if he dies during the summer, Ethiopia will be punished by drought and famine forever; or in winter Ethiopia will be wiped out by the flood. It was the strategy for Haile Selassie’s regime that Selassie to be considered as Reborn God. For Abiy, Haile Selassie is a freedom fighter, effective diplomat, influential leader, a unifying father, a reborn God of Ethiopia. Consequently, Abiy wanted to follow Haile’s step and to be worshipped like him. He deliberately, disseminating that his mother told him when he was seven that he would be the seventh king of Ethiopia. Whose mother didn’t say to her child that he would be a king when he was grown up? The intentions of PM Abiy Ahmed to be worshipped and pedaling backwards to Haile Selassie era are some of the examples who sought to deny their identity and save their power by doing so. His intention is to be the King of Kings in the modern Era.
  2. Climbing two trees at the same time – President Lemma’s Unattainable Wish. Lemma is trying to climb with his two legs two trees at the same time. It is thoughtless trying to climb two trees 10 ft apart at once just because one has two. On one hand, he preaches that Oromo is his lord, no other entity else. On the other hand, he is suffering in Ethiopian addiction. Ethiopian addiction of Lemma Megerssa, “Ethiopia Suus Nat”, the killing addiction, harassment addiction, abuse of power, antidemocratic obsession, corruption etc. is the dangerous road that kill many people or lead to commit suicide.
    Addiction may or may not be alleviated through rehabilitation program. If wait for addiction to be rehabilitated, it costs us unnecessary and huge sacrifices. Even after alleviation it might be relapsed to the unsafe reversion that kill many including a person with addiction. Brother Lemma, you should know that you can’t satisfy Ethiopia and Oromia at the same time. Open your mind to learn from history. Although, you are not elected democratically by the people of Oromia, you are at least selected by the so called ODP. You are primarily, responsible and accountable for and to Oromia and your organization. It is overdue for you to come to your sense, back to your place, your base, to the one you said your boss, your lord. Don’t dig your grave so fast.
  3. Oro-Amhara: The biggest confusion created in Oromia is by the so-called Oro-Amhara activists. Such activists have no place in Amhara, Tigray, and Somali region. They are bunched in Oromia. Culturally, or historically men and women in Ethiopia are called by their patriarchal line. Now days by their preferences. So, there is no as such Oro-Amhara. Most of them run for their own individual benefit. They create confusion between Oromo and Amhara either to collect money from both or to get benefit from the King Abiy’s governing body.

Dear Ahmed and Megerssa:

Power is relative. There are numerous examples of this perception of one’s own power. Your case is not different from the case of Haile Selassie and Mengistu: Denying own identity, imitating as being another person, wearing somebody’s behavior, acting as powerful not as confidential, etc. are your common characters. It is not only the country is at a cross road, but also Lemma and Abiy are at their uncertain critical time. What they talk in Amharic is completely different from their Afaan Oromo speech, a lesson learned from their creator, Meles Zenawii. They say they knew everything what has happened in the last 27 years, but they do not want People to talk or to remind them what they have already known. Oromo wanted to talk what they know because Abiy and Lemma are following the same trend: Ignoring people’s idea, going in wrong direction, negate Oromo cause, killing again the already victim once, etc. These are not the solutions and can’t bring peace or will not lead you to the throne.

As I explained earlier, Abiy tried to follow Haile Selassie style as Obama tried to follow Abraham Lincoln stylishness. In other words, he copied Obama’s practice of Abraham Lincoln’s approach and pasted to Ethiopia. But he follows Meles’s tactic: Talking one thing, doing another thing. When the audiences are Oromo, he promised the freedom is inevitable. Abiy and Lemma always say in Afaan Oromo that they know everything for Oromo, so that Oromo should leave for them about the approach to freedom they desire. Recently, his party declared federalism is nonnegotiable. Which kind of federalism? The present Ethnic federalism, or the Geographic federalism? The confused ODP which by far confuses Oromo people hasn’t made this clear. But for Amhara, they preach that Ethiopian unity is nonnegotiable. Talking in Amharic they say they will bring back their country to its original place, the glorious Ethiopia.

Oromo, when you trust Abiy and Lemma, you allow yourself vulnerable, you let them downgrade you, you give them chance to crash your morale, your Sabbonummaa and Oromummaa. No more trust. It is unfortunate that many of our so-called intellectuals including Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba copy many things from the west ignoring our Gadaa system and wanted to apply to the Oromo cause. Today, I will not be going to the detail of this unfortunate. But it will be detailed soon under the Topic, “The Era of Jawar: Pro and Cons for Oromo Struggle.

Horaa Bulaa!