FARAQAADHUMAAN jijiraman malee TEAM Tokkicha

FARAQAADHUMAAN jijiraman malee TEAM tokkicha

#Moyale: “Seven days of massacre, another round is expected tomorrow as the Garrii did already organize for another round of attack. Hundreds of thousands of Oromo fled to Kenya as their government failed to protect a city of 250,000. al-shaba forces are enjoying the street fight. Wannii mootummaa jedhan lafa jirtii?”

Girma Gutema

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FARAQAADHUMAAN jijiraman malee TEAM tokkicha.

Yesterday’s conference, in Mekelle, of the embattled and old guard TPLF reactionary criminal-network-group was organized and entirely financed by Mekelle University, according to my reliable sources. This University, whose president (Dr Kindeya) is known among the academic community and also the general public in Mekelle to be one of the chronically corrupt and a hardliner despot within the TPLF core, is a federal-funded institution with an annual budget exceeding a billion birr (recurrent plus capital).

How can such a federal-funded institution lavishly sponsor and fully finance such a conference of an exclusively regional political party (TPLF) which was meant to undermine the federal gov’t itself, destabilize and ultimately dismember the Ethiopian federalist project? Why should the federal gov’t allow such an exploitation of its own resources by subversive political elements within the TPLF who work, day in day out, to foil the reform, destabilize and then disintegrate the country? Can’t the federal gov’t stop this just by ‘clicking on a certain button’ in its own system of treasury? Just asking.

Girma Gutema

Mogoroo Jifaar: Hoolaa Qallee ** NEW 2018 Oromo Music
Waa’ee lixa oromiyaa ilaalchisee, dubbii eda Dr. Abiyyi Ahamad dubbate sana, yeroo dabrees obbo Lammaa Magarsaa dubbatee ture. Dhaggeeffadhaa.

Blaming the people of Oromia!! Cadre style speech get lost!! Stop blaming the people and work for them, not to cling on power!! gonni siimaalee injiruu?

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