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#Ethiopia: Winds of Changing Times

If the Ethiopian civil war is prolonged, it will have consequential political outcome. PM Abiy Ahmed will definitely lose power as incumbent leaders do not survive from devastating civil wars, TPLF wil be in weakened position for power bargaining because of the war, Amhara will raise its colonial ugly head again trying to restore its superior domination in Ethiopian as they hold most of government top positions. Amhara joined the current civil war in Ethiopia massively to defeat Tigre in order to rule and dominate Ethiopia as before dismissing the Cushitic peoples, the majority people of Ethiopia. But the long-time oppressed, repressed, dominated Cushitic peoples (Oromo, Somalis, Afar, Benishangul-Gumuz, Gambela and SNNAPR), the awakened majority people of Ethiopia, will not let Abyssinian Amhara dismantle the federal system to impose their will to rule and dominate Ethiopia again.
Oromo, Somalis, Afar, Benishangul-Gumuz, Gambela and SNNAPR will reject the colonial political domination of Abyssinians (Amhara and Tigray) again and support only democratic institutions under federalism with social equality unless the current civil wars lead Ethiopia to disintegration or breakup into separate, independent republics. Another breakup of Ethiopia could be the outcome of another civil war if Amhara tries to subdue Cushitic peoples. As Ethiopia faces changing times, Jawar Mohammed, who is in prison now, and belonging to the biggest ethnic group in Ethiopia (Oromo moderate politician) maybe the most reasonable person to bring Ethiopia together under democratic federalism with fair and free elections. The Amhara and Tigray (Abyssinians) must accept the inevitable demographic and political changing times in Ethiopia to have peaceful, stable country in the future.
Short Factual History of Ethiopia
The original land of Tigray and Amhara (Abyssinians) was in the North of Ethiopia, and after founding Kingdom of Axum (Axum: Original Ancient City of Abyssinia) in the 1st century A.D, they gradually moved down South and during the reign of Emperor Menelik II (1844–1913), Abyssinia conquered the Cushitic peoples (Oromo, Somalis, Afar, Benishangul-Gumuz, Gambela and SNNAPR shown in the map) and their lands from 1889-1954 and completed the creation of Ethiopia Abyssinian Empire. The Abyssinians conquered the Cushites for their lands rich in natural resources. Since the conquest, Amhara and Tigray were the only political rivals rotating in power to rule and dominate the rest of Ethiopia with the help of Europeans and European weapons and Cushitic peoples were treated as owned people living under oppression, repression, massacre, killings, domination etc. The history of Ethiopia was based on domination and dominated.
The population of Ethiopia is roughly 110-115 million. The population of Abyssinians (Tigray and Amhara) is roughly about 35-40 million and their land (Northern Ethiopia) is about 20% of the total land of Ethiopia (as the map shows) which is mainly rugged mountains and barren land with the exception of some places. The rest of the Ethiopian population are Cushites and make about 70-75 million of Ethiopia population with 75% of the land.
Tigray and Amhara, who are related Abyssinians, deny their historic conquest of Cushitic peoples and their lands in the 19th century claiming that they own all Ethiopia and Cushites were newcomers to the land. In fact, history tells the Abyssinians were the newcomers as conquerors while Cushites inhabited in the conquered lands as their original, natural home. History disproves the false claim of Abyssinians. The Abyssinian black colonial domination in Ethiopia is ending and becoming vestige of the past. Winds of changing times are blowing and unstoppable in Ethiopia. Abyssinians must accept the demographic and political changes for new Ethiopia to respect the prestige and dignity of all Ethiopian Ethnic groups.
Ibrahim Hassan Gagale
November 21, 2020

What does father who allowed to talk mean?
There are many people who are fighting between PP and TPLF who are both mafia who are not concerned about the people of Ethiopia to start TPLF.
The war was caused by Abiye and his Nefdanyaga band, but the previous hand was said TPLF should understand each other.
So the war was one who doesn’t look at Abiye’s son and didn’t get anything honestly allow the war.
So Abiye refused to accept the conversation he has been talking for a long time, why does he come to lead?
Abiye has shown himself that he will end the war of Maqale in a short period of time.
So the war has entered in 17th day there will be a strong pressure from the international community and the war seems to be inexperienced for 2 years.The biggest reason why the negotiation permits are in conflict between the national army officials who showed all the Oromos are worried about fighting with a tribe that they should protect.So Abiye refused to negotiate with the majority of the criminals of TPLF means:Accepting the law of TPLF election while breaking the decision that TPLF is a terrorist that the parliament approved, he made overrule the parliament’s decision.
He lost the confidence of Nefdanyaga who believed to be massacred Tigre.
He has disappointed the army that his friends murdered in the war and seems to die in a mistake this morning.
He lost that he is the only power in Ethiopia and allowed to make a national discussion which gives the opposition organizations that are connected to Addis Ababa.
He opened a lot of friends who were more expensive than the international TV and their situation is today Hamar take me to the back.
So it is certain that Abiye is facing a political storm that will not survive if he takes to stop the war..
– Ahmed Absiye


Daandiin Guddaan Finfinnee fi Jabuutii wal qabsiisu yeroo ammaa Magaalaa Mi’essoo bifa kanaan itti shidaa jiran. Hanga Qabsaa’onni keenya haal duree tokko malee hidhaa bahanii, hanga xumura gabrummaa qabsoon keenya itti fufa jechaa jiru.

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