Jechoota Oromoo!Yoo ol adeemuu dadhaban gadi fiiguu dadhabuuree!!

Jechoota Oromoo!Yoo ol adeemuu dadhaban gadi fiiguu dadhabuuree!!

Qabsoon Oromoo akka inni boodatti arkifatu sababa kan ta’an maqaa #Ethiopia kan leellisan nafxanya duute kan lubbuu itti horan halagaa jabeessanii lammi kan ajjeesan

ቅይጥ ማንነት 84ተኛ ብሄር ሆኖ ቢመዘገብ በከፍተኛ ቁጥር የሚቀንስ ብሄር ማን ይመስላቸዋል?

Yoo ol adeemuu dadhaban gadi fiiguu dadhabuuree,nama tokko mufatanii mil.60 akka mufachiisan amma iyyuu hin galleef,Oromoon badii ishee waaqayoo utuu hin beekin warra budaatu beeke isaantu gameeyyii keenya fajache,silaa utuu sammuu xiqoo yaadu qabaannee mirgga keenya of-harkkaan ga’annee ormmaa wajjiin walii galla,”Barcummaa fi ulfina abbaatu of-jala baata”jedhaOromoon.

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  1. Dear Brother Ammanuel,businessman retailing fake news at ASSena ATV

    you are fabricating lies after lies . Who gave you the message you aired about Eri soldiers who are killing our people , children , mothers and sisters, and at the same time telling us they are forced by PJDF and Abiy forces to kill Children of TIgray and loot our hard earned property and historical artifacts.

    The report you read is utterly fake letter that you and your friends created it to appease Tegarus to save the lives of your brothers captured by Tigray Forces and paint false image about your country. You were lairs and killers from time Immemorial and you are working to maintain the same savage postion in history.

    We will not forget that and tombs of our beloved ones will bear it .

    You are brought up with hate and revenge that your ancestors sow in your mind. That is why you know nothing except hate and insult.

    Isayas is defecating in your mind forever, swallow this reality or not . Eritreans are weak before any nationality except with habesha . We know it and you know it . We have seen you when you had trouble in Sudan and elsewhere . You do run hastly to save yourlife than defending yourself. Now, you kill innocent defenseless kids and women. YOu will inevitably pay the price . Eritreans are killing our people . We donot attribute this killing to PJDF or HIgdef but to Eritrean monsters.

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