Jawar Mohammed: I have a dream

Jawar Mohammed: I have a dream

“I don’t have a dream of having fame, wealth or a position, all I want is to see the freedom of my people. All I want is: to see an Oromo mother smile for once. All I want to see is that this Oromo mother can send her kids to university and never would need to worry that one day she would receive the dead body with a bullet wound of any of her kids. I want to see the Oromo farmers enjoy what they cultivated and I will fight for the Oromo businessmen to have equal rights and opportunities within the republic as well as in international trade. My fight is to see that the Oromo scholars can get their fair shares of opportunities in research and innovation like any other citizen of the country. I will fight to end the dismissal of Oromo students from university for just speaking out and demanding justice – that is not a crime for which they could be arrested. For all this, I am willing to sacrifice not only my time but also my life, and these are the only valuable possessions I have.”
– Jawar Mohammed

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