Jaal Marroo Dirribaa In Amharic on VOA Amharic

Jaal Marroo Dirribaa In Amharic on VOA Amharic

Jaal Marroo Dirribaa In Amharic on VOA Amharic ጃል መሮ ዲሪባ ከVOA ጋር ያደረገው ቆይታ:: ክፍል ሁለት 2 Tsion Girma

“ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ መንግስት የሚባል የለም:: #State_Mafia የተባለ ቡድን ነው ኢትዮጵያን እያስተዳደረ ያለው::”

Gaaffiifi Deebii Jaal Marroo Dirribaa VOA Afaan Oromoo waliin godhee.
Kutaa 2ffaa isaa Dhaggeeffadhaa.

#Gaz:- #Namoo_DaandiiDhaba Wayessa Akeekni Keessan Maali?

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Jaal Marroon Gaaffiifi deebii VOA Afaan Oromoo waliin godhe

Obbolooti teenyaa Jaalala Impaayeera Xobbiyummaan Kaabalamtan Hexxoo kana itti dhudhahaa. Dhugaa kana Liqimsaa.

Prof. Asafa Jalata.
Addee Deme Assefa tu Voice of Independent Oromia irratti dubbise.

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  1. Bravo, Jaal Marroo Dirribaa! Brovo, all the leaders of WBO! Brovo, all the members of WOB! Bravo, qeerroo and qarree Oromia! Brovo every individual Oromos who have understood what is at stake and joined the struggle of the Oromo people!

    The Oromo have decided that subjugation in the hands of inferior anti-Oromo enemies must end. On the other hand, the usual gantuu and galtuu who were TPLF mules in Oromia have continued to toil as naftagna and neo-naftagna donkeys to reverse the struggles of the Oromo people and other Ethiopian nations. It is time for any Oromo serving the interests of naftagna, unknowingly, to abandon the Ethiopian neo-naftagna regime and join the struggles our people for justice.

    Qeerroo and qarree: Enough is enough! The Ethiopian naftagna system can never accommodate the equality of the Ethiopian peoples because it is founded on absolute deception and manipulatively exclusive ethnic-racism. Its underpinning government philosophy and values are against others, the Oromo, the Sidama, the Somali, the Agaw, the Walayita, the Gumuz, the Gambella, the Tegaru, the Afar, etc. Its true motives are wrapped in pseudo Ethiopinism while advancing the interests of naftagna gangs in reality. It cannot afford equality of the Ethiopian peoples. Period!

    To all Ethiopians: join hands with the Oromo people and free yourselves from the subjugation of neo-naftagna. Look to what they did in the past; look at what they have done since and how they are currently sliding the country back to the serfdom system. Never trust them when they pretend to cry “for Ethiopia” whilst they destroy the Ethiopian nations.

    To the Oromo people, qeerroo and qarree: Thanks to our heroes and heroines, past and present. Our struggle has reached a point of no return; continue with your perseverance, listening and reading each other. Promote your capable leaders at all levels and defend yourselves from the Ethiopian neo-naftagna regime and march towards your inevitable freedom. You have inalienable rights to freedom and you are destined to achieve it. Some Oromo elders who are engaged in foolishly sabotaging our struggles in the name of mediation (jasrssuummaa) must be advised that mediation is void if it repeatly leads to deceptions, as is the case with the Ethiopian regime. The elders must join the struggle of our people for the just cause or stand back rather than being enemy instruments. Qeerroo and qarree, hear me out. Although the Oromo people respects their elders, they choose their able leaders and listen to and follow them in pursuance of what is best for the nation at large.

    Oromo, qeerroo and qarree: Force Abiy Ahmed’s neo-naftagna regime to free all Oromo political prisoners unconditionally, including your leaders and journalists. Force the Ethiopian regime to immediately reinstate your independent and free media, OMN as well as other independent voices.

    “In politics, being deceived is no excuse!”

    “No one can ride on the back of a man unless it is bent!”

    “They can murder a liberator, but they cannot murder the liberation!”

    Oromia shall be free!

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