Obbo Isayaas Afuwerki dhima Oromo irrati:- OMN

Obbo Isayaas Afuwerki dhima Oromo irrati : – OMN

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  1. There should not be reason to keep on feigning. President Isayas needs to be honestly transparent by relating to his taking side with the Woyyanees in trying to eliminate OLA when they were encamped in Finfine, let alone the micromanaging those OLF leaders who were/are in Asmara to remain fitting into his own political agenda. Who is behind in the shadow or in the day light contributing to the disfranchisement of the OLF’s leadership? I am not placing the entire blames for the tribulations within the OLF’s leadership on Obboo Isayas, but one who had been in the same predicament presumably is not expected to be part and parcel for extending the colonial reign over the Oromo people. The worst about this setting is the insincere and ostentatious, but erroneously prolonged and protracted relations between the leadership in Asmara, and the genuine cause of the Oromo Nation. Overall the Nation of Oromia is so lavishly proud of our Qubee generations who are the decisive force to take the Oromo liberation paradigm to the final stage. Enough is enough, and we should not endorse pretentious lip services with no end in-sight!!!! This reminds me of the Oromo saying “anis beeka, atis beektaa, ya sanbataa sooradhu jedhee namichii hoola hatee sanbataaf qalee” jedhan. Maaliif wolgoyyomisna.

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