Isaias Afwerki and IGAD could not save Abiy Ahmed! Therefore ECOWAS????

Isaias Afwerki and IGAD could not save Abiy Ahmed! Therefore ECOWAS????

“ECOWAS’ reputation for upholding democratic norms is facing strain as a growing number of West African leaders alter rules to consolidate power and resist stepping down at the end of their mandated terms.” Africa Center for Strategic Studies.
Abiy Ahmed might have located his likes in West Africa.
Abiy Ahmed has visited 4 west African leaders since last year, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea Conakry, Senegal, Ghana and 4 African leaders within a week last week. But why has he focused on west African leaders this time around?
Poor liar King! Is he lobbying for ECOWAS assistance?
But Has ECOWAS made West Africa a safer place in the first place?
Boko Haram is active since 2002 in Nigeria
How many Coups d’état have we witnessed in west Africa in recent years?
Mali: coup d’état of August 18, 2020, President Ibrahim Boubacar Kéita was overthrown
Guinea, Conakry: On 5 September 2021, President of Guinea Alpha Condé was dethroned
Mali: Active armed conflict
Can ECOWAS save the much hungry and bloodsucker dictator Abiy Ahmed then?
To be seen!

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  1. He is running around to drum up diplomatic support from West African States for his upcoming, end-of-rainy-season, Turkish Drone supported, ground offensive against the people of Oromia and Tigray! His henchmen in all of the so called ‘Regional States,’ have been rounding up the Empire’s youth and ‘training’ them for one of the most brutal BUT LAST GASP Amhara Neftegna wars to be waged against the trapped peoples of the Empire! This WILL MOST LIKELY BE THE LAST WAR THESE LEECHES WILL WAGE AGAINST THE OROMO AND THE PEOPLE OF TIGRAY!

    Let us stand with the Oromo Liberation Army to get rid of this Parasitic State known as Ethiopia, along with its Amhara elite leeches and their puppets among our people!

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