Is the civil war within Prosperity Party – ብልፅግና official now?

Is the civil war within Prosperity Party – ብልፅግና official now?

Some of us have known the deeply ‘divided and conquered’ OPDO wing of the PP were out-maneuvered from the start by their rival Amhara wing who eventually captured and took both the party and Abiy Ahmed Ali as hostages in their hostile-takeover.
The so-called #OromoPP is a collection of lame-duck empty-suits masquerading as politicos who sway neither power nor influence. They have no say or control of the current situation. They also don’t have the creativity and audacity to reverse their destiny, that of their people or the nation.
However, the time for those calling the shots while hiding behind Abiy’s mask to come forward and own their mess before its too late is approaching fast. These extremely trying times demand courage and leadership. No time for the ostriches to bury their heads deeper in the sand!
-Mohamed Olad

Report reaching us says that the Chairman and Founder of the Oromia National Party, Brigadier General Kamal Kalja has dissolved his party and joined the ruling Prosperity Party. The Oromia National Party was one of the three Oromo coalition parties, along with the OLF and OFC. Reportedly, General Kamal Kalja disregarded the Tripartite Alliance with Oromia sister parties and became part of the Prosperity Party.

Col Abiy is using different tactics to dismantle Oromo nationalist, He so far arrested the leading political figures like Jawar, Bakele, divided OLF leadership, bribing and promising heaven to some like general Kamal. SR News is also getting a credible report that some Somali elite were tasked to pursue ONLF to join PP. Reportedly, if this happened as per Abiy wants, the current ONLF leadership is promised for the regional president position.
It worth mentioning that there is also an ongoing negotiation with several Amhara nationalist parties who seems to share a similar ideology with the PP.
SR News

The war of words intensified as the President of the Amhara Regional State, Temesgen, respond to his Oromia counterpart, Shimeles.

We are neither Convinced nor Confused but we are envisioned.

What are your thoughts on this counter-attack?

Breaking News
Report reaching us says that Ali Samire Sigad, the deputy Commander of the Somali regional police has resigned.
In a post published on his personal Facebook account, Ali Samire Sigad said, “ As of today, I have decided to resign from the position of the deputy commissioner of Somali regional police.
However, he never mentioned why he resigned but assured the public that he will provide more details later. It’s not surprising to see many of the Somali elite abandoning the current incompetent pro-Neoneftignia President Mustafa who is detached from the Somali community.

SR News

Oromos and Amharas are brethren, not foes. These giant nations never been in disagreement, let alone foes to each other.
Yesterday’s slogans about Jawar and Oromo people does not represent Amharans. Those are naive Amharas who propagated neo-feudals ajenda. Brothers and sisters in Addis, distance yourself from those retard and shallow Amhara politicians’ agenda.
We have enough agenda to struggle for. Stop raciall profiling yourself as Addis Abebe`. What is the difference between you and Oromos born in Oromia who you cursed day in day out if you categorize yourself under one cage? We the people, Addis residents must preach for the co-existence of nation and nationalities which ultimately builds strong and vibrant Ethiopia. Addis is in the heart of Oromia and we have to exercise equality and justice.
Our existence depends on mutual respect and we have to convince ourself that Oromos are citizens not outsiders. If not, the shashamane event is eminent, and we are the witness for that. Look at Aleppo, Syria It changed into ashes in 3 weeks fight between factions.
Overall, people are more important than fictious Empty Ethiopia which you propagate some other groups’ agenda.
– Luel Henok

Via: Somali Region News