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Is peace possible in Ethiopia without the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)?


Is peace possible in Ethiopia without the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)?

By Abbaa Ormaa, PhD, Adoolessa 18, 2018

The answer is a profound NO!  Anyone who thinks otherwise is living in a fantasy world. It has been tried by TPLF for 27 years and it failed.

How can you bring peace and stability by alienating the majority of the people, the people that control your central nervous system? We have seen what happened when Qeerroo shut down Oromia. OLF is synonymous with the Oromo people. The saying “OLF is in every Oromo DNA” did not come out of thin air. At the end of his short life but long campaign against OLF, Meles came to the same conclusion.

For the Oromo people, OLF is the spirits of generations that suffered in the hands of the conquerors and of all those who gave everything that God has given them for the freedom and justice of their people against the conquerors. It is the incarnation of their spirits.

A healthy OLF is what Ethiopia needs to break from a history of “prison of Nations and Nationalities” to a country of Nations and Nationalities.

For the past 28 years, TPLF/EPRDF unsuccessfully waged wars against the Oromo Liberation Front only to unite and strengthen OLF and the Oromo people. Unfortunately, Dr. Abiy and Lemma are reading the same failed playbook of Meles and TPLF hoping for a different outcome. Instead they should focus on seeking a peaceful settlement of this more than a century old problem.  Ethiopia suffers from its shaky foundation and until this foundational problem is addressed, the problem will continue.  No amount of war and intimidation is going to break the will of the Oromo people for freedom and justice.

As Dr. Getachew Begashaw explains in one of his public speech (see the accompanying video below), trying to shun the Oromo Liberation Front that has an overwhelming support of the majority of the Oromo people is asking for an endless war and misery to the region. Dr. Getachew is not a friend of OLF but based on facts and numbers he cannot help but state the truth.  I hope Dr. Abiy listens to Dr. Getachew’s stern warning! The clock is ticking. For OLF haters, you can swallow it as a necessary evil.

Dr. Abiy and Lemma are using Meles’s lexicon against the Oromo people and their cult like crowd is listening. The cult tendency of their supporters is posing more danger to all of US than OLF. After all, OLF gave US Qeerroo that liberated Dr. Abiy and Lemma too! We are starting to witness signs of mob mentality when a group of supporters confronted the beloved artist Hachalu Hundessaa after his performance at the Millennium Hall this week. There are a number of similar incidents against Oromo. Dr. Abiy is responsible for every death and harm caused to Oromo people on his watch. TPLF/EPRDF is laughing from Mekele!

ESAT is also spreading unsubstantiated and egregiously false propaganda against the OLF and the Oromo people. Please watch July 18, 2018 episode of Eletawi where they presented a doctored video from West Africa as if it happened in East Oromia with a voice over of Oromo youth. ESAT must apologize to the Oromo people, Qeerroo, and OLF. SHAME ON YOU ESAT!!

This is not the first time ESAT has done this type of outright false propaganda against the Oromo people and their organization.

Why is Dr. Abiy not disclosing the findings of the FBI and his own internal investigation of the so called “Assassination attempt” on his life to the Ethiopian people? What are they hiding?

Freedom and justice shall prevail!

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