Is OBN trying to compete with OMN??It is stupidity and waste of tax payer’s money!!

Jawar keenya Naftenga Monopoly Capital jajjabeessaa jira 

Warrii Ezema jedhamu Ethiotelecom akka gurguramu ni barbaadu garuu ofiif bitatani Naftenga Monopoly Capital ijaru barbaadu. Kanaaf iyyuu amma.Biyya Oromiyaa

‘OBN has started to serve in 9 languages’ says its director. It is stupidity and waste of tax payer’s money. Even the ”national media” EBC, which has the constitutional obligation to serve all nations and nationalities in their languages, has no programming in 9 languages.

OBN has not done enough for the Oromo but now it is wasting money on other pointless programming in many other languages. What OBN needs to focus on is Oromo language service, while also serving in English to East African, African as a whole and global audience.

Have you put enough entertainment in Oromo language? Are you covering news enough in Oromo? How about shows? Do you have enough shows? Howe about children’s program? What about films, documentaries and music programming?

The answer for the questions above is fat NO. This is exactly why people call OBN ‘Boqolloo TV’. You might have shiny studio and vans but you can’t buy audience.

You know what I see 20 years in the future? Strong native and English language media mix. Everybody proudly self-government with their own media in their own language but also using English as link language across Ethiopia, East Africa and and the world.

Don’t waste our money on some stupid ‘charity’ works of media. Focus on Oromo and English.

Biyya Oromiyaa