Is Ethiopia sliding backwards under Abiy Ahmed?-UpFront

Is Ethiopia sliding backwards under Abiy Ahmed?-UpFront

We challenge an adviser to Ethiopia’s prime minister on his record and discuss Modi’s India with two Bollywood stars.

Source : Aljazeera

አይ ምርጫ!

ይሄ ደንቆሮ መለዮአችንን እናነሳለን እያለ ነው

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  1. Oh, Lencho Bati!

    Extremely mind boggling and quite disturbing to watch Lencho Bati bluntly denying the crimes committed by the Ethiopian government. I was taken back two, three, four years and felt like I was listening to Getachew Reda denying the atrocities committed by the government against our people. What is wrong with the Ethiopian cadres? Is Lencho Bati there as an advisor to the prime minister or is there to join him for nice and free meals at the palace?

    I cannot hide how disgusted I am watching his shameless lies.

    The good news is that our people are not “dormant” and “quiescent” anymore, and are ready to ascertain their freedom through qeerroo and qarree, who are ready to sacrifice for the just cause of their people. As Martin Luther King observed “… There is nothing more majestic than the determined courage of individuals willing to suffer and sacrifice for their freedom and dignity”.

    “Truth is the whole”!

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