#Irreechaa2020: We are greater than our enemy; we do have hope, we do have future!!

#Irreechaa2020: We are greater than our enemy; we do have hope, we do have future!!

This is in Finfinne, Oromia where devoted Oromo artists banned from Hora Finfine.
We shall overcome!!

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  1. The Oromo people must have the gut to be outraged; take their struggle very serious and realize their immense potential, and dictate their own destiny.

    The enemy is just enemy; we cannot expect charity from the anti-Oromo naftagna regime as well as the neo-naftagna front man, Abiy Ahmed. Every Oromo must ask himself/herself critical questions such as why the great nation is being undermined by the quite inferior anti-Oromo camp and seek answers. Have we done enough to regain our independence and dignity as a nation? Do we understand that our freedom is found in our ability to rise up in unison and conduct our struggles with great diligence and discipline? Do we understand that our enemies are exploiting our needless tolerance and disorganization as well as indecisiveness? Why are Oromo political leaders and political prisoners languishing in naftagna
    prisons and concentration camps whilst 50 million Oromos are watching? It is, mindbogglingly, disappointing for OFC and OLF leadership as well as thousands of Oromo political prisoners to be detained for so long and being humiliated by the naftagna whereas the Oromo people, whose cause Jawar Mohammed and others have championed, still claim to exist. It is that bitter if we are honest – the Oromo must be able to twist the hands of Abiy Ahmed’s regime, by effectively exerting their people power, and get their leaders released. Walk into your fears and it will pop in front of your mighty power, great nation!

    Certainly, the Oromo people are yearning for superior leadership capable of mobilizing Oromo power towards effective self-defense and inalienable freedom. Oromo, qeerroo and qarree: Respect is won by rising up in unison and earning one’s own place, not by begging from the enemy. You know that you tested and proved your superior power during your recent protests by dismantling the regime led by TPLF. The PP gantuu and galtuu led by the naftagna cannot last a couple of weeks if you are able to listen, read each other and act in unison. The question now is whether you are capable of cutting off the regime which has stopped you from celebrating your thanksgivings holiday in your ancestral land, Finfinnee, or whether you absorb the humiliation and continue to feed the gangsters and gangs in the garrison city on your produces.

    “No one can ride on the back of a man unless it is bent!”

    Oromia shall be free!

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