Irreechaa is thanksgiving holiday of the Oromo people in Oromia.

Irreechaa is thanksgiving holiday of the Oromo people in Oromia.

The Oromo People celebrate Irreecha to thank Waaqa (God) for the blessings and mercies they have received throughout the previous year.

The Irreecha festival is celebrated every year at the beginning of Birraa (Spring), new season after the dark and rainy winter season. The thanksgiving is celebrated at sacred lakes across Oromia and Hora Harsadi, Bishoftu, Oromia as a whole.

In 2019, the festival was celebrated into the nation’s capital Finfinnee for the first time in 150 years, are followed by Irreecha in Bishoftu.

Irreecha is also celebrated around the world where diaspora Oromos live especially North America and Europe.

The Oromo people consider the winter rainy season of June to September as the time of difficulty. The heavy rain causes swelling rivers and floods that may drown people, cattle, crop, and flood homes. Also, family relationships will suffer during winter rain as they can’t visit each other because of swelling rivers.

In addition, winter time could be a time of hunger for some because of the fact that previous harvest collected in January is running short and new harvest is not ripe yet. Because of this, some families may endure food shortages during the winter.

In Birraa (Spring in Oromoland), this shortage ends as many food crops especially maize is ripe and families can eat their fill.

Other crops like potato, barley, etc. will also be ripe in Birraa. Some disease types like malaria also break out during rainy winter time. Because of this, the Oromos see winter as a difficult season. It does not mean the Oromo people hate rain or winter season at all. Even when there is shortage of rain, they pray to Waaqa (God) for rain.

Dhugaa dubbachuuf maatiin kun akka malee aadaa ofii fi eenyummaa ofii jaallattu jajjabeessuu qabna.
Habashaan biyya kanatti Oromoon sadarkaa biyyaatti beekamnan kan ofii godhatanii Oromummaa irraa mulqanii waaroo Itoophiyanummaa sobaa itti uwwisanii nurraa fageessuu barbaadu.
Yeroo isaan akkana aadaa ofiin of ta’an ammoo #Qoosaa fi #Haamilee buusuu adda addaa irratti hojjetu, yoo barbaadan #ONEG nachew jedhuun.
Oromoon dura of ta’eeti #Itoophiyanummaa fudhata.

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