Why OPDO should be actively absent from the Irreechaa 2017 event

Why OPDO should be actively absent from the Irreechaa 2017 event:

Why OPDO should be actively absent from the Irreechaa 2017 event:

  1. OPDO as an organization is fully implicated in every crime the TPLF committed on our people.
    On occasions, it played a primary role to do the things TPLF wanted them to have done. The following are recent examples:

    1. OPDO’s Caffee Oromia, presided by Lammaa Magarsaa, instead of issuing a resolution denouncing the Master Plan, worked hard to bring the same Master Plan through the backdoor in September/October 2015 when they proclaimed Oromia’s urban planning law. That was one of the factors that inflamed anger across Oromia after the historic Giincii Resistance.
    2. OPDO’s Caffee has never resolved to set up a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the massacres conducted since 2014 (Ambo), especially the deaths since Giincii 2015, notably the killings, shootings, the arrests, public tortures, and dislocations on 06 August 2016 on the occasion of the Grand Oromo Rally; the Irreechaa Massacre of 2016; the mass arrests, the arbitrary killings, the tortures, and detentions and abuses of tens of thousands in military camps after the Declaration of the so called State of Emergency in 2016; etc.
    3. OPDO’s Caffee never cared to inquire into the scandal of the attempt to reshuffle the sequence of the Qubee alphabet. In this, they were implicated in a state-led project of tampering with the people’s right to their own script (of their language) thereby endangering the means of identity (re)production. Too often, Lammaa Magarsaa’s OPDO was giving contradictory messages about the scandal.
    4. FOR a long time, Lammaa Magarsaa’s government had no courage to admit that Abdi Ile’s Liyyu Police has been committing aggression on our people. In fact, his spokesperson flatly denied the aggression on several occasions. And that had dire consequences for the people in the areas.To date, Lammaa’s government has not made a clear statement on the cause, the actors involved, and the roles of the Ethiopian Defense Forces in this last TPLF misadventure in Oromia. No proper public Inquiry was made. Only the representatives from those constituencies had the courage to even speak openly about the plight of their people. The local people had only themselves to defend themselves. Almost as if they had no government.
    5. Lamma’s OPDO was at the forefront of the tax collection measures in the season of the latest tax hike.
    6. Lammaa’s OPDO was totally incapable of defending Oromia’s ‘Special interest’ over Finfinnee in the EPRDF.
    7. Above all, Lammaa Magarsaa personally unveiled the blasphemously scandalous statue to “memorialize” the victims of the Irreechaa Massacre. The statue was a testament to the lack of ethico-political courage in OPDO to call a spade a spade. They chose to call it “sudden death” (tasa) until the tide of public opinion forced them to delete it. In his speech at the unveiling of the statue, Lammaa himself used the same word (tasa) to indicate the tragedy was “a sudden/accidental death.”
  2. Owing to the above reasons, any official presence of OPDO on the irreecha event will add insult to injury.
  3. Also, it unnecessarily politicizes the holiday that is essentially cultural. It’s inappropriate for an organization that has so much to account for to have an official presence in such an august occasion. Even worse, it might provoke the public to express deep political resentments, perhaps so viscerally that it may lead to an avoidable violence.
  4. Lammaa Magarsaa (or other members of OPDO) can go and participate in the event as individuals.

President Lammaa Magarsaa can also send a greeting and a ‘happy holiday’ message from his office. He can communicate this on the party’s or government’s website, their media, or through a letter written to the organizers.

However, he CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be present at the event in his official capacity as a President representing the State Government to speak on the occasion.

For him to speak on the occasion should not even be contemplated. He lacks moral, legal, and political authority. His making a speech on the occasion is wrong morally, legally, and politically. It will also be a high security risk.

That is why OPDO should actively work to absent itself from Irreechaa 2017.

Via: Tsegaye Ararssa