Ireland, US, UK request UN Security Council meeting on Tigray

Ireland, US, UK request UN Security Council meeting on Tigray

The conflict in Tigray began last November when Ethiopia sent government troops to oust the regional leadership

(rte)—Ireland, the US, and the UK called for an emergency UN Security Council public meeting concerning the war-torn Tigray region of Ethiopia.

Diplomatic sources said the meeting could be held on Friday, although it is up to France, which holds the security council presidency in July, to set an exact date and time.

Since the war began in November, the West has yet to succeed in organising a public session on Tigray, with many African countries, China, Russia and other nations deeming the crisis an internal Ethiopian affair.

These countries could request a procedural vote on the merits of the meeting prior to it taking place, which could nullify it.

Permanent member states would not be able to veto the move, but a vote by nine out of the 15 member states would be able to ensure the meeting goes ahead.

Ethiopian government declared a ceasefire in Tigray as rebel fighters entered the regional capital, Mekele, sparking celebrations in the streets.

The dramatic reversal for prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s forces signalled a turning point in the nearly eight-month-old conflict, which the UN says has pushed 350,000 people to the brink of famine.

The Security Council’s last session on Tigray was held behind closed doors on 15 June, just like all others before it since the conflict started.

China was opposed, according to diplomats, to the adoption of a joint declaration by the Council on the risk of extended famine in Ethiopia.

The war in Tigray began last November, when Mr Abiy sent troops to oust the dissident regional leadership.

He said the move came in response to attacks by the regional ruling party, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), on federal army camps.

Mr Abiy promised a swift victory, and federal troops took control of Mekele.

But intense fighting has persisted throughout the region and there have been reports of massacres and widespread sexual violence.

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  1. Here we go again…Our leaders are calling for “a government of salvation” for Ethiopia while Oromo Interests, once again, will be UNREPRESENTED at the Power Centers of the West, such as, the UN Security Council. The West wants to maintain the Status-quo,i.e, deny the right to Self-Determination to the Oromo and other Nations and Nationalities in Imperial Ethiopia, so they can keep Ethiopia as is…After all, isn’t Ethiopia the West’s own creation, contrary to the illiterate claim of 3000 years of continuous existence self-asserted by
    Nefxanya/Neftagna ‘Debteras’ (Court Jesters )?

    The ONLY way for the Oromo to proclaim our inherent and G*D given Right to govern ourselves in Liberty is to WIN on the battelfield…ALL the other alternatives have been tried and FAILED! If you want a recent example, all you have to look at is the BETRAYAL of the goodwill of Jawar Mohammed towards Ethiopia & Ethiopians by the Ethiopianist Amhara elites…Abyi Ahmed is a progeny of a questionable Oromo origin, his blood father is Eritrean I am told,& mommy is Amhara, of course, as he proudly likes to remind his listeners… Having said that, I will be the first to admit that blood line alone does not make someone an Oromo Nationalist…Our people have suffered in the hands of notorious,
    Oromo-in-name-only traitors and turn-coats for way too long; and Abyi and his cronies such as Taye Danda’a, Alemu Sime, Adisu Arega, etc are but a continuation of that shameful blot on our history…Should I mention Bacha Dabale, who, btw, reminds me of “Baghdad Bob,” whenever he opens his mouth? Baghdad Bob was the Spokesperson for Saddam Hussein during Operation Desert Storm, for those of you unfamiliar with my anecdote and its connotation…”We have destroyed the TPLF Junta on all Eight Fronts,” Ethiopia’s very own “Baghdad Bob,” Bacha Dable, declared just a couple of months ago…alright then! I am having a good laugh…
    Look it up , if you are unfamiliar with “Baghdad Bob”, and have fun with it…

    When are we going to learn that it is not the DUTY OF THE OROMO to save an Empire which has been a Hellhole for us? What we ought to do instead is STAND behind the OLA and fight for our own Independent Republic with all we have got til the bitter end, if need be…

    I, along with millions of Oromo youth, prefer to die with dignity along with our OLA Freedom Fighters than live in perpetual humiliation within Imperial Ethiopia…When are our ‘talking heads’ & ‘leaders’ going to see this simple fact?
    Let’s bring forth an Independent Oromo Republic, an Emblem of the Freedom & Liberty of her Citizens, through OUR OWN sacrifices!

    Let’s stand with our Oromo Liberation Army Freedom Fighters! Let’s support our sons, daughters, brothers & sisters who are bearing Arms in our stead with all our resources!
    Let’s Fight for the birth of An Independent Oromo Republic! Nothing less SHOULD be acceptable!
    Long Live the Oromo Liberation Army!

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