Israel and Britain trained intelligence agents have been dispatched

Israel and Britain trained intelligence agents have been dispatched to America and Europe by  the TPLF’s regime.

Per social media source, the TPLF’s ruthless regime has dispatched 86 Israel and Britain trained security intelligence agents to America and Europe.

The mission of these agents is to dismantle the kind of unity and alliance formed between peoples of Ethiopia in diaspora against the regime.

The agents will attend Diaspora get together activities, churches, mosques, and other organizations which are free from TPLF’s influence. their mission is to divide, shame them including killings of nationalist individuals by poisoning and form confusion and chaos.

The source of this information advised the diaspora to be cautious and vigilant.

As pressure increase on the regime   to lift the state of emergency the bureau of security has had a meeting to discuss about it. Per the information source in Addis Ababa internet service which were blacked out by the command post has partially restored two days ago, due to western pressure.

Beside the genocidal killings of the people of that country the TPLF regime’s response to the peoples’ grievances has been zero.

The diaspora people open your eyes and walk strait, do not fall into the TPLF’s trap and west your time and energy by dismembering each other at the end the beneficiary will be the TPLF’s regime to prolong its dying time on power.