OPDO in diaspora commit Intellectual Indecencies

 Intellectual indecencies

By Habte Dafa

Everybody must be basically sensitive to what kind of sickness he/she is suffering from. Naturally, one knows whether he/she is tormented by bad cold, or sever cancer.  No body has the right to tell someone that he/she is having a headache when the one who is feeling the real pain is saying that, “No I am agonizing from severe pneumonia”. At this stage medical prognosis becomes the real tool to validate the reality of the health claims.  The Doctor or the medical staff will perform the actual physical tests and determine the kind of germ(s) caused this health distress. Even for mental health issues, mental health clinicians are trained to diagnose the presences of simple mental distress, or an acute psychosis, including the stage, severity and recommendation towards normalcy. Overall, it is not appropriate to just simplify and deal with all causes of agony at the same stage. Any professional committing such an error will be labelled unprofessional causing him loosing being not referred to at its simplest, to being barred from practicing the medicine all together, at its worst.  The same parallel is operating even in less scientific politics where systematic methodological approach is preferred.

In the political analysis, the Oromo Nation’s case is a National question as realized by the Oromo people. It is a National question because Oromia is a Nation.  There are no criteria derailing the people of Oromia from a Nationhood any time in history of humankind.  It is sad that many of the so called educated class either within Oromia, or Ethiopia have been referring to the boiling issues in Oromia as just an internal issue within Ethiopia.  But if one goes back the partition of Africa in 1800 by colonial powers of Europe, the Abyssinian government did take part in the Berlin conference and made his interest clear.  In case you have a doubt, please referee to the authentic pre-colonial African history of the Berlin conference.  Once occupies by the Abyssinian colonial army in 1900, all the colonial systems of exploitation, subjugation, occupation of the entire Oromia was actualized with help from the colonial Europe.  The cultural, linguistic and all social apparatus were implemented to promote the colonial’s language, culture, and all social devices on the expenses of all the Oromo Nation’s social institutions, just like any other colonial governance in the other part of the colonized Nations.  The only difference remains that the Nation of Oromia is colonialized by its neighbors, the other black African with less sophistication, but much more conveying, vindictive and conspiratorial to hold up to the colonial supremacy at any cost.

The colonial issues of the Nation of Oromia become even more complicated as the colonial pedagogy attempted to erase the Nation of Oromia’s identity, replacing with the colonial Abyssinian one.  Those scholars, and the upper middle class of the Oromo Nation are the byproducts of that colonial system.  They/we were educated and trained to protect “in the best interest” of the colonial Ethiopian as opposed to the colonized people of Oromia, or other Nations in colonial Ethiopia.  This is the main reason why the “advisory committee “members of OPDO in the diaspora whether they live in Minnesota, Michigan, or Melbourne cannot spell out the reality of the cause of the present Ethiopian problems.  They refer it as an Ethiopian internal issue, bad governess, or failure to interpret Democracy in just and equitable manner.  They fail to appreciate that this is the real quest for freedom, the end of Abyssinian colonialization. No colonial entity can interpret the Democratic principles in its appropriate manner, because they do not believe in Democracy!!!! The application of real democratic measures would entail their colonial system’s end.  Coming back to the “advisory committee “members of OPDO in the diaspora, one can see how confused they are.  The OPDO they have been praising, and even advocating that the Qeerrroo/Qubee generation for the independence of Oromia should stop rallying against OPDO, are proofing once again today their loyalty to the colonial regime of TPLF.

Being robbed, illegal imprisonment, tortures and all the evil measures were deployed by all the past Abyssinian colonial regimes, and it is not new for the Nation of Oromia.  But what makes this one different and paramount is that the Nation of Oromia had it enough, and verifying that the Abyssinian colonization must end, not tomorrow, but as from this point!!!!!!!   The Qeerroo/Qubee generation for the independence of Oromia have testified with their innocent blood that only TOTAL INDEPENDENCE is the solution for the colonial question of Oromia.  As we have seen in all colonized Nation’s resistances and journey for independence, such commitment, vow, and devotion and perseverance are the only explanation one can drive from all walks of the people Oromia from corner to corners of the Oromo vicinities.

The “advisory committee “members of OPDO in the diaspora can remain shy, or even deny the appropriate classification of the current boiling political issues in Oromia and the whole Ethiopia for many reasons; which includes their personal selfish interest, pressures from their other colonial minded cohorts, low self-image syndromes, and keeping their facade of political prostitution alive, continue committing intellectual indecencies, and the list goes on.  On the opposite side is the Nation of Oromia, OLF with the passed down paradigm of the total freedom of Oromia, and the Qeerroo/Qubee generation for Independence of Oromia are taking no fake solution till total independence of the Democratic Republic of Oromia will be actualized.  The TPLF’s current threats of violence against the advocates of the Oromia’s freedom will aggravate and intensify this round of the fight by irritating and provoking more determinations and unflinching willpower in every Oromo freedom pursuers/strivers.

Oromia shall be free.

Asalaam aleikum, Ulfaadhaa.