Instinctive Weyane: The Legitimate political ideology

Instinctive Weyane: The Legitimate political ideology

The rise and shine as TPLF – death by suicide as EPRDF (–DOs)

Jenberu Feyyisa (Ph.D.), March 6, 2021

Instinctive Weyane
The rise and shine as TPLF – death by suicide as EPRDF (–DOs)

I have experienced life under the TPLF regime, and there is not much to learn from. As an average Oromo, I was harassed, intimidated, thrown into jail, evicted from the country, separated from my family; and many more. But I am not here to witness that, no!

TPLF, like many other liberation organizations of the oppressed nations of the Ethiopian empire, was rooted in an ethino nationalist consciousness that was initiated by a cumulative grievance against successive Ethiopian governments.  As historians can tell, TPLF was the product of the marginalization of Tigray within Ethiopia after Menillik II.  Yes, through their popular struggle for the freedom of Tigray and a bloody war TPLF was able to liberate a major part of the Tigray region and fully control the region during the late 1980s and early 1990, which they used as a springboard to occupy Arat Kilo in 1991.

Despite what the TPLF did to the Oromo and Southern nations for nearly three decades while ruling the country, the energy, sacrifice and determination that it played in disintegrating Menilik’s empire and bringing about a fundamental change in the political order of the country will remain in the consciousness of millions forever. However, those achievements, for many reasons, were vulnerable and prone to being shattered easily in favor of the hibernated elites (‘Menilikians’).

That is exactly what is happening today to TPLF and the Tigray people. Many fundamental principles on which the change of 1991 was based lacked systematic protection and nourishment under TPLF. Actually, not seeing this fundamental vulnerability is equal to missing the reason why the Tigre people were organized under TPLF and paid a huge sacrifice in the history of the Tigre in the first place. Contrary to conventional wisdom, TPLF reduced this blessed struggle for freedom of the Tigre to temporary political and economic dominance to the detriment of other oppressed nations.

TPLF’s lust for dominance shuttered the long term existence of Tigre and Tigray and reduced their motive for alliance to a simple foe or friend based on the status of accepting or rejecting TPLF’s political program! With that motive every Oromo and other marginalized nations have been either treated or crushed equally with the former Amhara ruling elite. But the perspective from which the Oromo and southern nations oppose TPLF’s agenda is not only different from that of the Amahara elite but it is rather contradicting. For some of them, it is even similar to the Instinctive Weyane’s philosophy in the sense of self determination that the hibernated elite works against.

Suffice to say that TPLF failed to distinguish between it’s ALLIES and ANTAGONISTS with respect to the sacrifice it paid. That is when TPLF/Tigre began sliding down and losing their ground. On the other hand, there were many friends, even close friends (with respect to the empire’s political ideology) that the TPLF could have worked with at least to protect those core values and changes not for the benefit of others, indeed for the existence of TPLF and Tigre.

Going back to the late 1980s when Instinctive Weyane began damaging its legitimate struggle, it formed the so called EPRDF, a fake name that the TPLF used to gain dominance and wealth over other oppressed nations. It targeted legitimate and free political organizations including those who fought a common enemy side by side with TPLF for a very similar/identical cause. The crave for wealth and dominance forced them to avoid the fact that as marginalization led to the formation of TPLF in Tigray, it also gave birth to OLF, SLF, ONLF, BLF, etc in their respective regions and the people they represent. TPLF’s desire for a shortcut to dominance fundamentally changed the political ideology that should have protected and defended the TPLF itself and the Tigre people as a nation. Their new ambition followed by the change in philosophy forced them to exercise intimidation and superiority over these nations to the same scale that the Amhara elites had done to Tigre for many decades. It made them abandon their founding principle and jeopardize the future of TPLF and with that the fate of Tigray.

What a mess! However, it was crystal clear for an ordinary Oromo that TPLF-Tigre had no political and moral value to rule the empire alone because TPLF is just TPLF and cannot be a representative of all oppressed nations and nationalities. Forming those puppet organization (–DOs) helped to extend its age on power for some time but couldn’t save it from its colossal mistake. For sure Oromo never doubted the coming of what happened to Tigre today for so many reasons however long it took. Let me disclose what any ordinary Oromo say when they see a multistory building that the Tigre construct in  Finfinne; “…these are ours they can’t take it anywhere…!”.  We all were very clear that any level of diplomatic relation that the TPLF was able to form, the military power they built, and the wealth they accumulated could not help them to continue to rule the country as EPRDF. We were well aware about that and thanks to the gallant Oromo youth (the Qerro) for witnessing it. That is why we say today EPRDF cost TPLF and Tigre far more than it helped them.

In fact puppets (–DOs) are nothing more than messengers and that is what we witnessed yesterday and are witnessing today (TPLF’s puppet-Abiy is simply converted to EPLF’s puppet-Abiy in a coffee ceremony). Had the TPLF been able to work with the mainstream Oromo and southern political organizations, at least it could have been able to protect its resources in Tigray today, wherever that came from.

Here we are today; TPLF came to the point where it was unable to protect the Tigre people and itself in Tigray! Those multi-story buildings in Finfinnee are still there and beyond their control. Millions of Tigre are in refugee camps in neighboring countries. 4.5 million Tigre need food assistance. More than 80 percent of institutions including health facilities have been completely destroyed. The life of every Tigre across the country is at risk, leave alone their belongings. Today Tigray is flooded by their strategic enemies and this is witnessed by their action. All this calamity is perpetrated by none other than the once puppet —-DOs that TPLF formed to dominate other nations and I am glad to see that. Happy for not what is happening to them but rather for what is happening to them comes from the –DOs and it will be a good lesson for TPLF moving forward.

Finally; I don’t have any doubt that the TPLF will re-emerge from  Dedebit. I don’t have any doubt that TPLF-Tigre will win the war in Tigray because they are fighting to survive as a Tigre. But can we trust that they will emerge as the legitimate TPLF and continue with that so that the sovereignty of Tigre and Tigray will be guaranteed. Can we trust that they will never let the Tigre people in the direction where they move 5 miles forward and 25 miles backward? Can we trust that they have learnt their lesson, based on their own experience, that –DOs are not and will not be a solution for any problem. Can we trust that the TPLF gets a lesson that the –DOs they used to dominate others can also easily be changed (like during an occasion of a coffee ceremony) and be used by their own foe’s to destroy them. Can we trust that TPLF will work with the mainstream organizations of the oppressed and democracy loving nations to bring an end for good to the emerging second cycle of Menelik, so that Tigray will not be destroyed again and again by the “Adharians”? Time will tell.