INJIFANOO WBO lixaa fi Zoonii kibba!

ODUU SIMBIRTUU INJIFANOO WBO lixaa fi Zoonii kibba oduu guyyaa hara’a Afaan Oromoo GAMTAA MEDIA

ODUU Hatattama mudama Abiy irratii Ethiopian akka nagya argatu hoganotin African akekan |Moha Oromo

Oduu hatataama Naannoo Oromiyaa magaalaa Finfinnee irraa Ammaa nu gahee, October

A heavy war took place in ‘Gambale’ that war between government army and Gambelle freedom fight. Ogadenia media told that the war took place in Gambela city while the war was heavy.
The regional administration of Gambela ‘ we are not talking about ‘ this situation ‘ that region.
On the other hand, the Gambela Liberation Front said that the war has been high-handed over to the government’s army that was waiting for that is how they made the speech.
Nj nj.. n Ogaadenia media Addis Ababa

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