Inferior Oromians Neologism

Inferior Oromians Neologism

By Rundassa Asheetee Hunde

Although any loss is sad for everyone involved, each Oromo seem to feel bereavement differently. The sorrow, the sadness and the grief of our people that we’ve seen on our cellphone or computer screens has been giving numbness and shock to some of us but some Oromians aren’t feeling any of it.

For me, everything inside me stops whenever I see the despair of our people in retrospect. After the Tigre army took over the entire Oromia and started killing our people everywhere, I tried to fill my life with as many activities as I could because doing so was my security blanket. Yet, subconsciously, I always felt the loss of each Oromo life and often got depressed through out the heroic liberation struggle of 2014-2016 and the killing times of our people by the Tigre colonial army.  In short, the Tigre killing of our people really made me behave like a robot as my numbness overwhelmed me and the sorrow that filled my whole being continue to grow, aided by a flood of anxieties and intense loneliness.

Most importantly, my feelings of anger and grief  grew whenever I read the opinions written by men like Bayisa Waaq-Wayyaa.  I feel that I have been cheated and wonder why the death of our people don’t anger Bayisa who begun writing a letter to the Tigre colonizers. Here is how he begun his letter.

ክቡር ኮሚሽነር፤ የተከበረ ሰላምታዬ ይድረስዎት

“ከፓርላማው አባላት ለቀረበልዎት ጥያቄ የሰጡትን መልስ ሳስታውስ ዕውነትም ምርመራውን በጥልቁ ያካሄዱት ለመሆኑ ምስክር ነው ባይ ነኝ”

“ማሳሰቢያዬ ሙያውንና የምርመራውን ሂደት በተመለከተ እንጂ ሌላ ምንም ፖለቲካዊ ይዘት እንደሌለው እንዲታወቅልኝ ከወድሁ ማሳሰብ እወዳለሁ።

“ባገሪቷ ባንዳንድ ክልሎች ውስጥ ሕዝቡ የመልካም አስተዳደር ጉድለትን አስመልክቶ የዜግነት መብታቸው መደፈሩን በተደጋጋሚ ለመንግሥት ባለሥልጣናት ቢያመለክቱም አንዳች መልስ ባለማግኘታቸው ራሳቸውን አስተባብረው ፍፁም ሰላማዊና ሕጋዊ በሆነ መንገድ ጥያቄያቸውን በአደባባይ ለማሰማት ወስነው ተነሱ።”

Reading the clip I have taken from Bayisa Waaq-Wayya is very difficult for me because  what Bayisa is trying to do here is to discourage the Oromo liberation movement by reducing our nation’s fight for freedom to what he calls it የመልካም አስተዳደር ጉድለት.

When our people mourn, angry and bitter about all the killing all over Oromia, it is frustrating to read Bayisa’s cruelty.  He has no problem with copying “lack of  good governance and  lack of EMPLOYMENT” misleading slogan that the Tigreans used during the 2014-2016 heroic battle of the Oromo people against the Tigre colonial rule in Oromia and else where in empire Ethiopia.

Reading Bayisa’s article is outrageous because he praises the Tigre killers by intentionally ignoring the grief of 50 million Oromians.  But Bayisa need to know that we live in a very critical time and trying to kiss up with cruel Tigreans is nothing but rewarding them for killing our people and for jailing hundreds of thousands.  Of course, Bayisa is not alone when it comes to trying to play double game at the cost of tens of thousands lives. We’ve got many afaan Oromo speaking men and woman in Seattle, in Minnesota and elsewhere around the world who have gone home, evicted our people, sold the land they have received to the Gurages, to the Tigre’s and to the Amharic speaking political prostitutes, returned to America-Europe and now they live comfortable life.  This includes those who have enough income from their jobs as professors but still hungry to make more money by evicting their own people. There are old Hajii or Sheikaas who are left with a maximum of 5-10 years to live on this earth but run between Oromia and abroad to make money for an exchange of saving the dying Tigre rule.

These men may deny what they have done so far but the Tigreans are keeping every record even when they are at the verge of death politically and economically.  We know that there is a lot going in the mix-up of the on going liberation movement.  News has it that the 30,000 Oromo youth who were arrested in Sanqallee (Ambo) military camp told the Tigre cadres that they all are the OLF members and they will fight the Tigre colonialism in Oromia to the end.  What this means is that when the Tigre tribe is no longer able to maintain it’s dream of remaining dominant of the politics of empire Ethiopia, having fantasy of becoming wealthy by joining the dying colonial rulers will result in shame and feelings of regret at the end of the day.

By the same token, the angry, envious, and resentful ODFites who now run around with the Amharic speaking Gurage, Kambata and Shinasha groups and condemn Oromians aspiration for independence.   Recently Lenco Baati asked his Amharic speaking new masters as to why the Kenyans or the Tanzanians are not demanding separation as he tried to brush aside the story of Eritreas separation from the evil empire Ethiopia.  Lenco knows why British pulled out of the European union, why the soviet union split into 15 independent states and why Sudan split into two.  But he would go on anyway and asks his Amharic speaking political partners “Why the Oromians want to separate from the evil empire?” Funny enough, I used to believe that Lenco Bati was a proud Oromo but that isn’t the case nonetheless.

Any way, my massage to the newly trained Tigre spies, to the political opportunists and to the populists is that the Tigre cruelty has affected millions and there is no returning back to slavery. Our people have stopped fearing death and we’ve seen that in  practice. Today, another round fighting is in the making in the empire that is suffering from huge economic depression.  The Oromo youth are very clear about removing the Habasha colonialism out of Oromia by force so no matter how much money the OPDO distributes or regardless of the recognition men like Bayisa are try to award to the Tigre colonist, the demise of the Tigre tribal rule is near.

Bayisa Waaq-Wayya and his fellow MESON trainees need to understand that when the TPLF created the OPDO, they made it clear that they and their descendants must have “dominion” over all the colonized people of empire Ethiopia.  Since then, they have presiding and governing power in empire Ethiopia. It was surely not their military strength or their population size that gave them dominion because the Oromians are 17 times bigger than the Tigreans in all aspects of life. Without the OPDO and our own opportunists sellout, the Tigre colonial army would have been destroyed so easily.   Of course other means, among which diplomatic relationships that they established with the western world, the division they have created between the Oromo and other ethic groups and the spying networks they have established had played significant role in keeping them in power for 27 years.

Surely, those who are trained by white missionaries may think that accepting the Habasha superiority is  placed upon them as ultimate destiny but the majority Oromians still believe that overcoming the black colonialism is their first task.  Hence, this time is not a time of caving in for the Habasha rule but it is a defining time as to what ought to be our relationships with the colonizing forces of Abyssinia.

Rundassa Asheetee Hundee

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