In Mekele, Eritrean Old Model Trucks Are Lined Up For Looting …

In Mekele, Eritrean Old Model Trucks Are Lined Up For Looting Tegaru’s Private And Public Properties To Eritrea

Looting Spree, December 3, 2020


In Mekele, an influx of Eritrean old model trucks convoy are lined up for loading and looting Tigray’s private and public properties to Eritrea, Asmara. As Esayas Afowerki has been looking for golden opportunities to steal and destroy Tigray, he deployed all troops to Tigray and continued to sabotage public resources.

In January of 1990, history repeats itself when the EPLF, Esayas Afowerki’s looting machinery, fought Derg along the OLF in Wollaga, they did exactly the same inappropriate and illegal engagement. They took all belongings to UNCHR, Red Cross, which includes agricultural equipment like farming tractors, power generators, vehicles, etc. that fell under the control of OLF and EPLF during the military operations. The Eritreans were unique; they confiscated private and public properties and took them to Eritrea. Even, the Esayas army killed the farmers belongings, like oxen that were found in the vicinity without any compensation, to eat them up. OLF militias were very angry, unhappy and ashamed of their strange guests. This is typical EPLF behavior of stealing. The world should know. 

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