ONN:Ethiopia keeysatti Jijjirama Dhiiga Ilmaan Oromotiin dhufee Sharafuun maalif barbaachise ? July 31/2018

ONN:Ethiopia keeysatti Jijjirama Dhiiga Ilmaan Oromotiin dhufee Sharafuun maalif barbaachise ? July 31/2018

Hooganoota hardha ABO yookin maqoota garagaraatin biyyatti galanis ta’e ala jiran, TOKKOS MAQAA dhahee hin beeku.
Guyyaa kaleesaa garuu ABO jaal DAWUD IBSAATIN hooganamuu ERTIRATTI QUNAMEENII waliinis qaamaan wal argee akka waliinis Haasayuu, fii ammas hojii irra akka jiran ifatti nuuf himuu isaatiin baayyee gammada.
Dabalataanis haqa isaa dubbatee, qooda qabsoo isaas dinqiisifatee kabaja guddaa hoogansa ABO tif irra deddebi’ee galateenfachuu isaatif anis DR .keenya ILMA ABBAA GADAA galateefachuu barbaada.

Mohammednur Guye

ONN: Buraayyuu, Adoolessa 31, 2018
Godina addaa naannawa Finfinnee kutaa bulchiinsa magaalaa Burraayyuutti jiraattonni manneen keenya nu jalaa diigame jechuun hiriira bahan. Hiriira kanarattis “waraabeyyii guyyaa” tu nutti gurgurate; mootummaan maallaqa keenya nuu haa deebisu; mana jireenyaa namarratti diigun haa dhaabbatu, jechaa turaniiru.

-president Uganda fi Rwanda oromo tahu isaani 
-oromon hundii kenya waliif dabarsa 
-oromon kufe hin beku , kufise male
-oromon arba
-tokkuma kenya humna kenya
-lamma irratti yakka wayyanootni irratti rawattan
-hojji isaani wagga 4n dabran
-gocha sukkannesa oromo irratti Jarra tokkof hojjatame
-akkamin gara fuldara

By: Najat Hamza

My reflection on the visit of Ethiopian Prime Minister and Oromia Regional government in “little Oromia,” Minnesota

The hopeful future of Oromia and Ethiopia is encouraging and positive. Those need to be strengthened. However, the last 27 years has been bloody, deadly and unforgiving. The power of forgiveness is great and all encompassing. One should raise the concern and question about what forgiveness really mean without justice and bringing those responsible to light?

Forgiveness comes from healing and healing is delivered through justice. We have a very large open wound as a society, a wound of torture, of death, of displacement and the wound of being denied justice. The small flicker of hope made possible by those who faced unbelievable odds to bring it to light needs to be nurtured in a way that reflect the true sentiment of their sacrifices.

The rhetoric of “medemer” is not problematic in terms of what it means to those who wants to see an all-inclusive country, it is problematic because it omits justice as a part of reconciliation and healing for the entire nation.

The second point is, the Oromo question cannot get lost in the translation of Macro Ideology of “we are great people” thus we should not embark on ensuring our own destiny in the context of that country’s political landscape. This demand arose because the structure and the Ethiopian political landscape was built on the exclusion of and on the back of the Oromo people and our resources. Thus, there is no harm in ensuring the destiny of Oromo people and Oromia in this context. In fact, that would be building a foundation for the new country. This is the demand of the Oromo people, it does not belong to anyone person or group.

Third, the issues of security have not been improving and we have been told to be patient. There was no clear answer nor a way forward regarding this very question. The generic answer to the most specific question (security) tells us that there are challenges that are not communicated to us, or it just beyond their control at this point. People are still dying, suffering and being harmed in different ways and it needs to stop.
Fourth, there was no argument about the importance of Unity as Oromo or as a country when it comes to making this reform a genuine one. Thus, the negotiations between Oromo liberation Front and the current “reform group” must take place and in a meaningful way. Prime Minister Abiy has explained that they have an upcoming meeting or appointment, we hope it is fruitful.

Fifth, the Oromo language is the most important part of our identity and one of the demands of the Qeerroo was to make this language the second working federal language of Ethiopia. This issue needs to be taken seriously and responded to accordingly.

Sixth, the issue of political prisoners and those who disappeared need to be a priority, because the perpetual Hell and uncertainty on their loved ones are hard to bare for an hour let alone decades. They deserve to know their loved one’s whereabout as well as the truth. We cannot speak of healing a country by leaving those who wounded themselves to bring us this hope. People have suffered in Ethiopia for the last 27 years and we all need healing as people, then and only then we can all show up for the new promise.

In conclusion: I am proud of my state “Little Oromia” also known as Minnesota for showing up for those who made this possible, for the blood and bones we walk on to the victory to come. You all showed up to remind our guests the struggle belongs to the people yesterday and today as well victory. The best way to correct a vague narrative that many can interpret and use to their own shortcomings is by defining it clearly and showing the way forward. Lastly, our country is on a critical crossroads and I hope it takes the right direction or at least pave the way to the right direction to bring the vision many hoped to see alive. We cannot rejoice completely until all of us enjoy safety, the right to be and justice is served for all. Let the healing begin then…I hope to see what if anything comes next…

Justice is the ultimate healer and the true foundation of forgiveness.

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