“Ilmaan Oromoo iddoo hundatti salphifamaa jiru!!

“Ilmaan Oromoo iddoo hundatti salphifamaa jiru. magaalaa Buraayyuutti nama Dookimntii ofii qabatee hojii barbaachaf deemu humni Addaa qabee waraqaa ragaa isaa (Document) jalaa cicciranii gurbaas reebicha hamaa irraan gahanii huccuus irratti biinxanii qullaa dhaabanii biraa deeman”

Taaten kun kan bubbule ta’uu Amma namni biroo naaf mirkaneessee jira. Dhimmichi garuu waan raawwatame waan ta’eef maxxansa kaasuu dhiiseera.


“Two years ago, we were promised change. We were promised a free and fair political landscape, an end to extra-judicial killings, an end to torture, an end to politically-motivated imprisonment, an end to heavy-handed government response to any and all political opposition, an end to one-party rule. We were promised a new era in which the Ethiopian government respected the humanity of its citizens, an era in which the constitution of the country held supremacy over the government and the land, an era where in which human rights prevailed.

In short, we were promised that the immense sacrifice that our people had made in the 2014-2018 period had not been in vain. It was a promise that their senseless deaths at the hands of the government had made it so this kind of thing could never happen in Ethiopia again.

But for a long time now it has become abundantly clear that the promise has been broken by a man engulfed in his own vanity. He lied to us and he thinks that he can get away with it. I don’t know about you, but for me the memories of the victims of the #OromoProtests have been seared too deeply in my head for me to be able to let this go.

We cannot allow this to be swept under the rug. If you agree, the most simple thing you can do is to be a voice for the voiceless and make sure the world hears of what Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali is doing to our people. #AbiyLied

Please join and sustain this Twitter campaign for as long as it takes.

Washington Post: @maxbearak, @KarenAttiah
New York Times: @Lattif
Human Rights Watch: @KenRoth

Dábessá Gemelal