IDPs: The Forgotten People in Oromia / Ethiopia.

IDPs: The Forgotten People in Oromia / Ethiopia.

By: Najat Hamza

The internally displaced people were and are being ignored by the politicians, activists, civil organizations and each one of us. Those who picked up this cause for a second mostly used this unfortunate situation to upstage their political agenda and/or personal needs. It is evident no one truly really cared for their sake alone.

The government collected help from the general public to help settle them and we have no idea or update as to what happened to those funds or follow ups. These people are left to die and face their consequences while the Oromia regional government provides assistance to a different region. They do this to buy political capital not to really respond to these crisis.

These are people like us, our people. They are not props for political agenda, personal glorification or a stepping stage to climb to the top with. Why on earth are they being treated in this manner, silenced, erased and ignored? If an effort to help this people arises and is going to be carried out, it should be a genuine effort for the sake of humanity and nothing else!

We failed them already, now it is up to each one of us to redeem ourselves and restore their faith in humanity!