I SUPPORT the Oromo Liberation Front!

I SUPPORT the Oromo Liberation Front!

By Abbaa Ormaa, July 1, 2018

ABOThe West, particularly the United States of America, has provided unfettered financial, diplomatic, economic and military support and stood by the minority Tigray-led regime in Ethiopia as it has terrorized and brutalized the Oromo people and the rest of the Ethiopian peoples and further destabilized the Horn of Africa for the last 27 years. USA made Humvees, machineguns, and USA trained snipers have been used to kill children as young as 9 years and pregnant women all over Oromia. The regime has committed genocide after genocide with impunity against the Oromo, the Anuak, and the Gambella peoples, and the list goes on. State terrorism, genocide and massive political repression have caused internal displacements of more than a million civilian Oromo from their homes. A few of these crimes against humanity are mentioned below:

  1. On October 2, 2016 thousands of people were massacred at the 2016 Irreechaa, a national cultural and religious festival, as millions of people gathered at Horaa-Arsedi, Bishoftu. The regime’s security unleashed terror and massacred more than a thousand people and arrested thousands. Some were shot execution style at close range as they fled the stampede.
  2. On December 11, 2017 security forces massacred civilians in Chelenko.
  3. On February 11, 2018 security forces massacred Internally Displaced Oromo at Hamarressa killing at least 10 people.
  4. On May 11, 2018 security forces massacred civilian in Mayale killing at least 10 people and wounding scores.
  5. Still thousands of Oromo prisoners are amputated, blinded, tortured, castrated, and killed while in regime’s custody.

After the defeat of the Derg regime in 1991/92, the Oromo Liberation Front participated in the transitional government led by the TPLF with the hope of giving peace a chance. Unfortunately, soon the TPLF recognized that the Oromo Liberation Front was backed by the Oromo people and rejected its Oromo People Democratic Organization (OPDO), it manufactured conflicts and forced the front to leave the coalition. The United Stated and Eritrea, guarantors of the peace accord, sided with the TPLF regime and chose silence as the Meles’ regime imprisoning of more than 40,000 Oromo citizens in the name of OLF, most of whom perished in the hands of the regime.

Although militarily suppressed for sometimes the Oromo Liberation Front has survived because it is loved and respected by the majority of the Oromo people and most Oromo know that it is only this organization that defines and protects their national interest at the cost of sacrificing the lives and resources of its members. Gradually it regrouped itself and gave birth to the new generation of peaceful freedom fighters famously known as the Qeerroo/Qaree movement. The Qeerroo/Qarree movement is an Oromo spring that is organized under the umbrella of the Oromo Liberation Front to end injustices, inequality, and exploitation against the Oromo people. The Qerroo/Qarree are known for ideologically restoring the Oromo democratic tradition called the Gadaa system, which has mobilized all oppressed peoples for national self-determination and multinational democracy.

A paragraph in their manifesto reads:

“Hereby we Oromo and all other oppressed peoples’ students declare to the world and the Ethiopian peoples that we are committed to be first in torching the revolution. Given the recent history of Oromo students’ movement, we are cognizant of the price of freedom. We are determined to die in freedom than living in slavery. We are confident that soon the remaining Ethiopian peoples would follow us in upholding the torch of the revolution so that their oppression, suffering and slavery end here and now and give way, once and for all, for liberty, freedom and democracy to prevail. “

The Qeerroo/Qarree protests intensified in the last four years and shook the regime to its foundation and forced it to give-in to some of the popular demands of the movement. Consequently, the regime has released some political prisoners (still holding thousands of Oromo political prisoners) and brought forward new faces to lead the same regime. These new elements that came to represent the regime did not yet fully recognize that the Qerroo/Qarree led movement has enabled them to come to power. They wrongly think that they can manipulate the movement and dilute its popular demands. But the Qerroo/Qarree leaders are the most politically matured and sophisticated nationalists because they are the product of the Oromo national struggle led by the OLF. Dr. Abiy and Lemma and their followers should ideologically and politically join them rather than engaging in political manipulation and the ideological distortion of Ethiopianism if they want to make history for themselves and their people.  Otherwise, their current superficial popularity will soon evaporate and their history will be part of the history of Oromo traitors.

Today, the Qeerroo/Qaree movement has brought hope and sigh of relief to the region with their blood and bones. But still the biggest challenge remains unsolved. The demands of the very people, the Oromo people, are yet to be addressed. Many Oromo and non-Oromo political observers and scholars believe that for a lasting peace in the Horn of Africa, the Oromo people led by their independent organization, the Oromo Liberation Front, must play a major role in shaping the future of the Ethiopian empire.

The Oromo people have rediscovered their voices and are demanding full freedom and the end of exploitation. Any illusion that their demands and aspirations can be squashed and the Oromo will be moved to the back burner once again is political naiveté and suicide. An Ethiopia in which the Oromo are not allowed to speak and write in their language, an Ethiopian in which they are treated as second citizens, an Ethiopian in which it is OK to massacre and displace Oromo for their land is no longer realistic. Whether all colonialists and their Oromo collaborators like it or not, the Oromo Liberation Front and the Qerroo/Qarree are going to determine the destiny of Oromia and its people.

The new prime minister told the world that the TPLF/EPRDF regime is a state terrorist and the TPLF confirmed that when it sent out its agents through out Oromia to carryout terrorist acts and attempted to assassinate the new prime minister at a rally in Fifinnee as the world is watching.

The Oromo Liberation Army (WBO) is a force for good that is doing humanitarian work whenever possible and protecting the Oromo people from this terrorist group. For example, recently in Western Oromia, OLF forces operating in the area apprehended security personnel who were terrorizing and looting farmers and returned more than 163,000 Birr back to the farmers.  The Oromo people do not have confidence in Ethiopian security force that has been terrorizing them for 28 years. The Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) is the only force they trust to protect them. Trying to deny that assurance is re-imposing the same terrorist group upon them.

The Qeerroo/Qaree is a home-grown movement with clear objectives; one of their objectives is to promote the welfare of Oromo society. There are several reports and video clips that demonstrate that Qeerroo/Qarree provided meals for the homeless and daily laborers who could not go out and work because of strikes. The Qeerroo/Qaree peaceful protests are the longest, most peaceful of its kind (Arab springs) and most consequential in its scope.

Today, more than any time in history the Oromo people are openly supporting the Oromo Liberation Front and its objectives. One cannot limit this support to the social Media, and it is supported in the whole Oromia. I believe that lasting peace is possible in the Horn of Africa when the Oromo People take their rightful place in the Horn and the Oromo Liberation Front is the only Oromo political organization with a long history, experience and support that can bring the Oromo people to any future political arrangements. Prof. Merera Gudina recently confirmed the same. That is why I SUPPORT OLF. 

The United States must learn from its past mistakes and support the Oromo people’s quest for freedom, and help negotiate a peaceful resolution of the more than a century old grievances of the Oromo people against the Ethiopian empire through their representative, the Oromo Liberation Front for a lasting peace in the Horn of Africa!

I support the Oromo Liberation Front!

I support Qeerroo!

I support WBO!

The Qeerroo generation will be remembered as the greatest generation of Oromo!

Oromia shall be free!


  1. Which faction of the OLF are you in support of ? This OLf can not be a spirit anyways. It got to have a leader ideology or office somewhere. Otherwise how is the public going to understand your talks?

  2. @Abbaa Biyyaa, except you and some your likes , The OROMO NATION knows only ORIGINAL ABO who never compromised on kaayyoo ganama despite the failed and tired one MAKING useless under the enemy camp aka G7 and TPLF.

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