I am at a loss for a word to describe the current monoester sitting in the so-called 4-killo or devil’s center.

I am at a loss for a word to describe the current monoester sitting in the so-called 4-killo or devil’s center.
Since the creation of the Ethiopian empire, Ethiopians have seen nothing but peace. Menelik II, not just his body but his legacy, belongs among Hitler/lucifer today, lies with pride for this generation to feel the pain. Haile Selassie, a coward, and killer, is glorified and sought after by the current Prime Minister. I wanted to compose myself to be rational, but how can anyone be rational when the so-called Nobel Peace Prize winner’s army at his direction are beating, raping, and killing young girls, mothers, and grandmother. I try to scroll fast but the dark bruises of my sisters, the dead bodies of my brothers, broken bones of my family comes before my eyes.
What a monster Ethiopians and the world are closing their eyes to. Where is the condemnation of all Ethiopians? Where is solidarity? A day not too long from today will come where the beating, rape, and killing of Oromo girls will stop and justice will be served for the current and past endless agonies. Qube generation has given birth to the Bilisuma generation. No matter what anyone tries to do, no turning back to the old blood-sucking Ethiopia. Emiyee Ethiopia is on life support. All Ethiopian shall be free. #Justice4Qerrees #Justice4Oromos #Justice4Hacalu #Justice4thousandsofpoliticalprisoners and justice all innocent lives murdered at the hands of Nobel dictator winner. Ethiopians, save yourself and speak up now. stand with your sisters and mothers. Stand with Oromo Qarres. Now is the time. Tomorrow will be too late.

Seenaa Jimjimo

Tarkaanfiin magaalaa Amboo keessatti baasastota qeerroo fakkaatanii qeerroo hidhaatti gursisaa jirani sadii irratti guyyaa tokko dura fudhachuun ni yaadatama.
Maallaqa qabsoo Amboo ittiin dadhabsiisuuf Abiy fi shimallis ji’a ji’aan milyoona heddu ramaduun qeerroo keessaa kaaniif motor cycle ,kaaniif ji’an mindaa,Kaaniif mana puulii,kaaniif gurmeessuun hojii uumaniifii akka deebi’anii qeerroo basaasan gochaa jiru.
Kan Amma taarkaanfiin itti fudhame keessa inni tokko. Haabtaamuu baarchi jedhama.
manni isaa Dhaaba hoolaa bira. Maal’aqa guddaa fudhatee warra Naannoo fi federalaa waliin ta’ee hojii basaasummaa hojeta.Gorfamee dide.
Maakaaroovii shuguxii hidhachiisanii turan. Garuu shuguxii fi qarshii guddaa argachuun warri dhiiga oromoo irratti qoosaa jiran fuula duraattis tokko tokkoon guuraamuuf jiru. Data basaastotaa hundi galma’ee taa’ee jira.
suuta suutaan hundi ishii irratti tarkaanfiin daran cimaa ta’ee ni fudhatama.
Kana booda caasaa mootummaa kanaa diiguuf Hirira baanee galuu miti.
BIFA Qinda’een tarkaanfii fudhachuu qofa dhaga’uu barbaanna.

Mootummaan Inglizaa gargaarsa Itoophiyaaf kennuu kute. Sababni dhimma eegumsa mirgoota ilmaan namaati.

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  1. We all feel your pain, Seenaa. You are not alone to be puzzled by the magnitude of the cruelty exacted against qeerroo and qarree in particular and the Oromo people in general, by Abiy Ahmed’s neo-naftagna regime. Late alone an Oromo, who is the victim of government violence, any human being, who is witnessing Abiy Ahmed’s untold repression, cannot believe that the Ethiopian Empire has got the worst monster ever to occupy Arat Kilo Palace/Menilik’s fortress. People were massacred by Menilik, Haile Selassie, Mengistu Haile-Mariam, Meles Zenawi and Haile-Mariam Desalegn in the name of Ethiopia (Utopia). Nevertheless, Abiy Ahmed has surpassed his predecessors in his evil capacity of inflicting more sufferings against the Oromo people, on whose shoulders he ascended the power ladder. If there is any Oromo who is standing with Abiy Ahmed today he/she is sharing in spilling the blood of his own family members in one way or another.

    Abiy Ahmed’s “slavishness” and “inferiority complex” might have led to his low aim of worshiping the brutal qualities of past Ethiopian dictatorial rulers, whose civilities were considered beneath any modern levels of humanity. His delusional dream of imitating Menilik and Haile Selassie to materialize his sleepwalk of becoming the “7th King of Ethiopia” might has encouraged him to repeat past mistakes of attempting to destroy the great Oromo people as a nation.

    The thing that every nation nationalities in Ethiopia must be wary of is the fact that Abiy Ahmed is not going to end his misadventures by destroying the Oromo people alone. He is on a mission to finish Menilik II’s project of building Empire Ethiopia on the graves of nation nationalities, and will take them on in turn if he succeeds to kneel down the great Oromo nation. Destroying the Oromo as a nation is delusional dream, of course! Despite the violence the neo-naftagna regime of Abiy Ahmed is using against our people and the dangerous advices his naftagna ideologues are feeding Abiy on to make him “a simple-minded I-know-it-all” ruler, our people are more conscious today, and determined to get rid of the naftagna system all together. Qeerroo, qarree, Oromo mothers, fathers, grandparents and young children are all in the struggle against the neo-naftagna regime, and their freedom is fast approaching.

    Therefore, we cannot cry for our martyrs today as we must honour the sacred just cause of the Oromo people for which our bright ones have paid ultimate prices. Every Oromo, including the gantuu and galtuu, who have realized that they must wake up and “purify their slavishness” by taking side with the Oromo struggle, must join hands and act in unison to eliminate the existential threats posed against the Oromo by Abiy Ahmed and the naftagna system.

    Qeerroo and qarree stay awake; defend yourselves and your people by all means; Oromo mothers, fathers, grandparents and Oromo children, participate in the struggle whole heartily and help free yourselves. My generation must work hard to liberate our children; qarree and qeerroo must work hard and free themselves in order to have free children of their own, who must be born into freedom and live in dignity as a nation.

    Oromia shall be free!

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