Humanitarian:Ethiopian tensions, hunger in Latin America,

Ethiopian tensions, South Asian rains, and hunger in Latin America: The Cheat Sheet

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Ethiopia remains on edge

(thenewhumanitarian)—As internet connections are restored, and authorities arrest thousands of alleged perpetrators, further details are emerging of violence in Ethiopia that followed the killing of a popular Oromo musician on 29 June. One pattern in the incidents, which killed over 230 people, was attacks on people and property seen as outsiders in parts of Oromia, Ethiopia’s largest region. Shops and other buildings belonging to non-Oromos were selectively burned and looted in the southern town of Shashemene, media reports say. A government minister told the BBC “hate-mongers” were taking advantage of the situation and blamed both Oromo extremists and opposition from the northern region of Tigray. Prominent Oromo media tycoon Jawar Mohammed is one of those arrested, and journalists have also been detained. Meanwhile, there was no breakthrough in talks with Egypt and Sudan about the filling of Ethiopia’s giant hydroelectric dam on the Blue Nile, and the UN appealed for $506 million to help Ethiopia battle COVID-19.