Humanitarian Fundraiser to Support Victims.

Humanitarian Fundraiser to Support Victims.

MTA USA, Inc is organizing this fundraiser.

In recent weeks, Oromia has faced an increase in atrocities on two fronts: man-made and natural.  

While it is not new that irredentist forces, the Ethiopian Federal Army and regional armed groups have penetrated Oromia’s borders well and created destruction that has ultimately turned to chaos over the past three years. The damage these forces have wreaked in recent weeks across Oromia is unimaginable: they have killed dozens of peaceful people, burned their homes, destroyed their properties, and evicted thousands of Oromos from their homes. It is such a campaign of violence that our people across Oromia are facing at the hands of the federal and regional armed forces of Abiy Ahmed none stop.  

In addition to man-made disasters, unfortunately, natural disasters also wreak havoc on the lives of our people. The lack of rainfall in the Oromia plain areas especially in Borana and Karrayyuu recently resulted in the deaths of thousands of cattle leaving our compatriots in the area in desperate situations. From its limited resources, MTA has donated $5,000 for the drought-stricken area of Booranaa, but this is quite tiny compared to what is needed.  

It is with these immediate needs of Oromos that we are reaching out to you, once again, to support our people who don’t have a lot of friends in the region or otherwise. Walmalee fira hinqabnu !  

With violence raging at the gates of the Oromos across Oromia and even abroad, the MTA would like to take this opportunity to call upon the Oromo people around the world to prepare for what could be even worse to come.  

In anticipation of this likely eventuality, we are launching a campaign to raise funds to help other Oromos in need of humanitarian aid and we hope you will be behind us as you always have been in the past. Please extend your generous support to our people facing existential threats.  

The Macha Tulama Cooperative and Development Association (MTA), USA Inc is a tax-exempt organization registered in Washington, DC and managed by an elected board of directors. MTA really appreciates your generosity and solidarity in contributing to the account created herewith.  

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