Human Rights Abuses Committed by the Ethiopian Army in Different Parts of Ethiopia.Needs Urgent independent international Investigation.

Human Rights Abuses Committed by the Ethiopian Army in Different Parts of Ethiopia.Needs Urgent independent international Investigation.

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OMRHO  presents the state of Human Rights in Ethiopia since the incumbent group came to power. To enable the reader to comprehend the extent of brutality committed on the  people by the Ethiopian Government, OMRHO tries to show the diverse methods of inhumanity exercised  on the people. The atrocity encompasses extra-judicial killings, mass detentions, arrests without court warrants, burning people live in their homes, burning properties including farmers’ crops on the field, illegal confiscation of private properties like coffee beans ready for markets, sexual abuses on minors and housewives, etc..

This Report claims by no means a complete coverage of Human Rights abuses  in the Empire as:

  • people are detained in military camps and in hidden places as opposed to official prisons,
  • arrests and detentions are arbitrary and without court warrants,
  • relatives get no information as to where their imprisoned relatives are,
  • relatives asking for their relatives face dangers of arbitrary arrests, abuses etc.. and
  • lack of access and capacity to cover comprehensively.

For the sake of technical ease, OMRHO structures the report so as to make the atrocity  as well the spatial distribution comprehendible.

I) Extra-Judicial Killings
Gujii Zone:
1. 23/12/2018:  Kuulii Duuloo (70 years old woman ) was killed by the Ethiopian Army on
23/12/2018 in Dugdaa Daawaa District, Fincaa town .

—–Very scary is that the police of the Regional Administration looked at the perpetrators passively. Burned were not only Mosques but private shops and hotels belonging to Muslims were selectively damaged and robbed.


The Human Rights situation in Ethiopia has already moved from bad to a worst stage. The positive gesture we saw from mid-2018 to the end of 2018 has withered away. For the  people who demand the right the constitution granted on paper, it has become a night-mare.

Especially, the Oromo People are the most targeted part of the people in the Empire. Oromia is under the Military Command Post. Civil administration  is already overtaken by the military. Extra-judicial killings, arbitrary arrests, rape, looting of property of farmers  by the Army are day-to-day practices. In addition to imprisonments, mass detention is becoming  dominant government activity.

As a result of burning farmers’ villages and what they have labored on the field by the Ethiopian Army, tens of thousands of people are either internally displaced with exposure to man-made hunger or have left for neighbouring countries as refugee.

Academic institutions, like Universities in the Amhara Region, have already become  compounds where Oromo students are selectively killed and beaten. The security forces assigned to the universities look the episode passively. The Regional and Central Governments also kept silent.

OMRHO worries that the situation in Ethiopia further worsens and becomes out of control. To deter this worrisome situation, the role of countries Donor Organizations  having ties with Ethiopia is immense. We appeal to such Governmental and Non-governmental Organizations to  engage the Ethiopian Government.

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  1. It is very sad to see such atrocity. It is very important that this information be circulated to international communities, Church based organizations, NGOs, UN, Nobel peace price committee etc. It is heart braking.

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