HRLHA-10th Anniversary Fundraising

HRLHA-10th Anniversary Fundraising


Join Our Movement to take concrete action in defending Human Rights in Ethiopia

  • Today, the human tragedies in Ethiopia are beyond what we can explain in words.
  • HRLHA  has exposed  the gross human rights abuses (execution, torture, disappearance and imprisonment)  by the Ethiopian government in the past ten years
  • The perpetrators of human rights violations in Ethiopia must face justice
  • Influence laws and policies bring human rights protection for all Ethiopians in jeopardy
  • Lobby governments and donor organizations to rescue prisoners of conscience and ensure that others at risk of human rights violations are released

I. Who We Are and What We Do

Vision:  HRLHA envisages a Just Rule of Law and Equitable Society.
Mission:   The HRLHA is a non-partisan, non-profit sharing, non-governmental organization, striving to empower the public, and to promote, reinforce and safeguard human rights in the Horn of Africa through civic education, research, monitoring, reporting and following up on human rights violations. It also advocates for reforms of policies, laws, and practices to meet international human rights standards.

II.  Engagements in the past years:

  • Reported crimes against humanity in Ethiopia.
  • Provided concrete evidence of these crimes against innocent people at international conferences and raised the awareness of the world community, inviting it to act
  • Saved many Ethiopian/Oromo asylum seekers from deporting to Ethiopia from Djibouti, Sudan, and Yemen by contacting the asylum seekers’ host countries and sending our concerns by email and fax
  • Advocated for Ethiopian asylum seekers and refugees to be released from Yemen, Djibouti and Sudan prisons.

III.   Challenges:

  • In the past ten years, all activities were delivered by unpaid workers
  • Due to insufficient finances, the annual action plans were not fully implemented and the advocacy activities were limited
  • Although, HRLHA has been awarded a special Consultative Status by UN ECOSOC, the mandate we have been granted was underutilized

IV.  Plans for the future:

  • Reestablish HRLHA’s head office from Toronto, Canada, to the Horn of Africa
  • More focus on conducting human rights violations research at a high level in Ethiopia, and other Horn of African countries in the same situation.
  • Train our reporters on the front line in the Horn of Africa for future challenges in defending human rights

Thank you for helping Human Rights!

“We Fight For Human Rights!!”

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