“#Women’s Inferno in #Ethiopia”, hosted by MEP Liliana Rodrigues

“#Women’s Inferno in #Ethiopia”, hosted by MEP Liliana Rodrigues

 European Parliament, Brussels


The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO), in collaboration with the People’s Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD) and MEP Liliana Rodrigues (S&D), will be holding a conference entitled ‘Women’s Inferno in Ethiopia’ at the European Parliament in Brussels.

The primary aim of the conference is to raise awareness about the deteriorating condition of human rights in Ethiopia. This focus comprises the human rights abuses faced by marginalised ethnic groups, and more specifically, the rife sexual and gender-based violence that disproportionately affects women in these communities. To this end, the conference will centre on the plight of women from Ogaden and Oromo, but also from Benishangul-Gumuz, Gambella, and Sidama.

Two years have passed since UNPO’s conference entitled ‘Minority Women’s Rights: an Ethiopian Inferno?’, and now the organisation seeks to bring these issues back to the table with a particular spotlight on sexual violence. Bringing together a variety of internal and peripheral perspectives, this conference will converge around broad issues, such as the state of human rights in Ethiopia, and around more detailed concerns regarding institutionalised rape and other forms of gender-based violence.

The conference programme will soon be available. For further information, please contact Julie Duval (j.duval@unpo.org).

Selected comments from UNPO facebook:

Denboba Natie · 48:49 Thanks for becoming voices for voicelessly brutalised peoples of Ethiopia

Oromoo Dammaqe · 55:03 Thank you UNPO WELL DONE !

Denboba Natie · 58:14 We’re actively working to engage EU members to show practical support instead of lip services.

Denboba Natie · 1:02:00 Mamaya in a modern world this is a diplomatic campaign…armed struggle will its own wing. Therefore, UNPO is groups of dedicated MEPs. Therefore I advise you to see it in this light

Abbagiddi Guye · 2:09:49 Bekele Gerba & other political prisoners are on hunger strike protesting prison conditions. Consequently prison officials have prevented them from meeting with their lawyers and family.

Mamaya Umar · 1:02:21 I dont even know how this people call government of ethiopia…if you cause genocide you cant be gov..anymore but terrorist…just cus they hav gov license that doesnt make them less terrorist

Utubaa Lammii · 11:16 Good job Dr. Shugut Galeta representative of OLF Diplomatic affair in behave of Oromo.

Salah Ahmed · 1:09:26 The Ethiopian armed forces had just did something you can’t never imagine. They had 9 moth pregnant female forced to lie down on her stomach. This Terrorist groups jumped on her back. She lost her child fainted for them to do anymore harm to her. They left her and dead infant there. The locals took her to the nearest clinic to save her life. Her lifeless child was buried while she was getting treated at that clinic. I can have any human right activist connect this lady when i cleared their authenticity.
Leyla Cabdulaahi Ibraahim · 2:09:06 TPLF needs to be held responsible for their horrific acts!!!!
Leyla Cabdulaahi Ibraahim · 44:46 Thank U Graham for Always supporting Ogaden People
Abbagiddi Guye · 1:49:05 Thanks again buddy TPLF is ISIS of Ethiopia
Mintid Midnimo · 50:51 Ogadenia, Oromia and other notions and nationalities deserved to be free from dictatorship government of Ethiopia
Sukan Chakma · 48:27 Thank you UNPO for being there to support the unheard voices