Honorable Mr.Lemma Megersa: if you want to spawn, you must be determined

Honorable Mr. Lemma Megersa: if you want to spawn, you must be determined and really belong to the sea otherwise no place for you to perpetuate!

By Falmataa Sabaa (PhD)

Mr. Lemma Megersa, President of Oromia National State should know action speaks louder than words. Here is the test you MUST pass in forthcoming three months if you think to rejoin the sea and spawn thereof.

  1. As government of Oromia and on behalf Oromo nation, publicly claim that administration of Finfinnee be by your state government. No other garbage statements of TPLF are required! To do so, call Caffee Oromia for extra ordinary session to re-discuss that Finfinnee is not only heartland of Oromia but also the native land of Oromos. It is clear that umbilical cord attaches Finfinnee to its mother Oromia for nourishment without which Finfinnee lives not alive.
  1. At present state of fact, it is plausible to assume that Afaan Oromo is the most
    widely spoken language in Ethiopian Empire. That is to say, Afaan Oromo is
    unparalleled by any other language in contemporary Ethiopia. Therefore, claim that
    Afaan Oromo MUST be the official language of the Federal Government without further
    due. It is no doubt that residues of the Imperial hegemony (current and past) will
    try to create obstacle and even refuse. Never mind for that!
  1. All you have to do is publicly publish your document prepared and submitted to
    Federal State such as on your government’s website.
  1. Effectively deal with current displacement of Oromos who fall victim of Tigre
    General’s and their surrogate Abdi Ille.

Once do you these, Oromo will assume you scored passing mark to be considered
legitimate governor son of Oromo. Consequently, Qeerroo Oromo would understand that
you stood against your godfathers and henceforth will protect you against their
harmful attempt.

Lest, there will be no reason that they suckle Oromia via you. As well that you
release randomly jailed Oromos (who have never been guilty) and yet putting many
folds in the other prison would not sound productive measure. It is futile effort to
try to fool the wise. (Gabna gowoomsuuf yaluun jibba dabalachuuf akeekuu dha!)