Home is Oromia! We are Oromo and geography is not identity (Diaspora)

Home is Oromia!
We are Oromo and geography is not identity (Diaspora)
We are Oromo whether we live in Oromia or not. We don’t need permission or praise to fight for our people in anyway that we can. And we must. Unity in Oromia and in diaspora for those of us who care about the state of our country and people is crucial. We all have roles to play big or small. I would ask all my brothers and sisters to do, write and speak things that strengthen our unity of purpose. One could get frustrated and angry with what is going on but there is no need to undermine one another.
There are corrupt and dishonest people anywhere and diaspora is no different. That is not unique to Oromo people. It is true for others as well. But it is here in the diaspora I learned the dedication and sacrifices people are willing to make for our people. The majority are invisible soldiers of change, willing and able to answer any call we put to them. There are limitation based on proximity. That is where are physically removed from our homeland but there are a lot that gets done as well. And being done. Oromo struggle needs a morale boost and we need to use every tool in our disposal to do that. We can go far together when everyone does everything they could. However, discouraging one another and undermining each other is not one of them. It is counter productive. Our role as a diaspora is to play supportive role for our people with everything we can. That does not change no matter who disagrees.
I am Oromo first. America is where I live (did not come here for vacation but our parent have to run away from gabrummaa).
We stand United.
Unity of Purpose.

Oromo liberation is the very reason the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) exists, and we proudly promote the many faces of Oromo liberation. Liberation is one of our greatest strengths.