Hojii Saalihaa Saamii Wambaraarratti …yeroo dhihootti nu eegaa!

Hojii Saalihaa Saamii Wambaraarratti …yeroo dhihootti nu eegaa!

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  1. Hats off to the wonderful Oromo heroine, Saalihaa Saamii! Thank you; your reward, undoubtedly, will be the freedom of your people! The tears you share with your people, in conjunction with your hard work, will cleanse your people from the repression they have been subjected to.

    The determination of a few unquenchable Oromo heroes and heroines has been the corner stone of the Oromo struggle for freedom and justice. Qeerroo and qarree, you have great role models such as Saahilla Saamii. Keep your unity, which has been built through your just struggles and cemented by your blood, and ascertain the inalienable freedom of your people. My single message to you, qeerroo and qarree: never go back to sleep until you achieve your main objective, Oromo freedom, and ensure that your gains are securely protected. Beware: “in politics, being deceived is no excuse”! Hold those who trade in your names to account; always evaluate them in terms of whether they stand for Oromo interests or otherwise. Exert pressure and demand that they prioritize answering Oromo fundamental questions. Hinrafinaa; waldhageefadhaa! The Oromo people have just cause and immense potential to achieve their inalienable freedom and get justice. The sky will not be the limit for the great Oromo people if they keep their unity and work towards achieving their objectives, greater freedom and justice.

    Freedom and justice to the great Oromo people!

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