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Hiriirri Mormii mootummaa PP
Frankfurt Germany

Eritrean Press calls for joint Eri-Ethio military alliance
– Let’s create our own “NATO”.
12 Feb 2021 – (EP) Eritrea’s long-held and admired vision to military, security, diplomatic and economic integration in the Horn of Africa is the only solution to peaceful co-existence in the region.
Eritrea believes that the primary role of an alliance military force is to protect peace and to guarantee the territorial integrity, political independence and security of the member states.
The two sisterly countries alliance forces, probably Somalia as the Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki would like to include, must be able to deter and defend effectively. It aims will be to establish, enhance and display military capability across the Alliance’s full mission spectrum which is based on collective defence, crisis response, and consultation and co-operation.
A live military exercise in which actual forces participate under a command post – some might argue it was already done – involving a simulated opposing force, commanders and their staffs, and communications within and between the two countries’ headquarters should be held at least every two years.