What hinders the smooth transfer of power in Africa?

What hinders the smooth transfer of power in Africa?

The former president of Gambia, Yahya Jammeh, has flown into exile to avoid a military confrontation.


(Aljazeera) -After 22 years in power, Yahya Jammeh has left Gambia.

The former president flew into exile heading for Equatorial Guinea.

He’d refused to step down for weeks after losing the presidential election to Adama Barrow last month.

 The standoff caused neighbouring countries in West Africa to send in troops, threatening to remove Jammeh from office by force if he didn’t budge.

Jammeh’s departure is a new era for Africa’s smallest country.

Several African leaders over the years have attempted to remain in power beyond their mandate.

Some succeeded. Other power struggles led to mass killings

Inside Story discusses the hurdles facing a peaceful democratic transition in the African continent.

Presenter: Hazem Sika


Gilles Yabi: Former Project Director for International Crisis Group in Senegal

Joseph Ochieno: West Africa Political Specialist

Marie-Roger Biloa: Editor, Africa International

Source: Al Jazeera News