Himalli Gara Finfinnee Tole. Abiy Jaarsummaa Ergate!!

Himalli Gara Finfinnee Tole. Abiy Jaarsummaa Ergate

ODUU Hatattama Jeneraal marroon WBO Finfinnee marsee Qabachuf akka jira Himuu kuno -Moha Oromo

ODUU AMMEE Oduuwwan jajjaboo Oolmaa Oromiyaa fi Ethiopia Oduu Guyyaa Har’aa |Gamtaa Media

Massive respect for musician Tariku Gankisi for what was an uncommonly courageous act earlier today at the pro-war rally called by the pro-war forces in Finfinnee.
Defying all expectations, Tariku made his views and his conscience clear: “I didn’t come to sing … I’ve nothing to sing about … let us not send more of our youths to war, let us, instead, send the elderly to make peace … enough, enough with the guns. We need peace and reconciliation”.
If there is anyone who truly loves his country and his people from among those assembled at the rally, it is Tariku Ganksi, not the supremacists and hot potato nationalists invoking the idea of Ethiopia to promote their decadent world views.
Tariku deserves our respect!