Here we go again!


Here we go again. The sole propreitors of Ethiopian identity and self-appointed protectors of Ethiopia national interest/survival are arguing that the Oromo Protest is not Ethiopian enough.

Their deception knows no limit. Shame on Ermias Leggese especially who claims that the Addis Ababa public stayed home because they saw the Oromo resistance flag. How can you lie in public about such highly reported, almost current, issues?

The fact is:

On 6 August, when #Oromoprotests called for a demonstration, Oromos were out on the streets. The others never cared. Reason: The likes of Ermias engaged in fear-mongering and scared people away.

And yet, two weeks or so later, Tamagn/ESAT and their group called for demonstrations in Addis Ababa. Committed to the principle of solidarity–and because as Addis Ababans, it concerns us–we supported them and campaigned for them believing that this will probably enhance an all out resistance. It was not called by #Oromoprotests.

But did people come out? No!!!! Not a single person showed up. Was it because they saw the Oromo resistance flag? Of course not. Obviously Tamagn wasn’t waving the Oromo flag. All we used was the red card. So, why did the residents fail to show up? Why is it that Tamagn’s politics failed to inspire them into the streets? Why did people respond better to the calls of #Oromoprotests? Is it because the Addis Ababans liked their politics? Is it because their politics was qualitatively better than that of Oromo protests? Of course not.

This, like what he always says (both in his interviews and in his books), is a total nonsense. If he says it is not, I am more than happy to debate him publicly.

Plus, what is all this agitation of the public about the Oromos? Of course, Addis Ababa is an Oromo city. Of course Dire Dawa is an Oromo city. Even the TPLF–his former bosses that he wants to describe as monsters–recognizes as much. That is why their constitution speaks about the ‘special interest of Oromia’. Of course, there is an obvious need for the Federal Government to be removed from Oromia. And it shall happen soon!

Of course, proper deliberation is needed on where to relocate the seat of the Federal Government. Of course, there is an urgent discussion needed to ensure the full protection of the right and freedoms of every resident of Addis Ababa. But where on earth has he heard that the #Oromoprotests wanted to remove non-Oromo residents from Addis Ababa?

Yes, demonstrators have repeatedly chanted that Finfinnee is Oromia (“Finfinneen kan Oromoo ti!”). How does that claim of “ownership” become a call for removal of residents? This is fear-mongering par excellence.

Of course, that is totally expected from Ermias, someone who has no capacity for political imagination on how to handle the complex problems of the city and the country. Of course, fear-mongering is what he is qualified to do as a former TPLF propagandist. Of course, he is a Getachew Reda in waiting.

Else, if you want solidarity, be human. All solidarity requires is humanity. If you were human, you would not attach any string in order for you to stand with the Oromo protests. Of course, you lack humanity–just like the TPLF does. (And even worse, he lacked Oromummaa, the identity he assereted to enjoy power, privilege, and property as their co-opted “Oromo” appointeee!)

If you want consensus for nation-building, stop fear-mongering and extend unqualified recognition and respect to your opponents as humans and co-equal Ethiopians–for whatever worth it is.

You are no better Ethiopian than anyone else.

You are no more qualified to act and speak as “the only custodian” of Ethiopian interests. (If anything, you are totally disqualified to be one as you have been serving TPLF and undermining Ethiopian interest before.)

Thankfully, there is souls like Abebe who recognizes the challenges of consensus building and the sensitivity with which hone should approach the challenges. On this ocassion at least, Abebe sounded relatively more sensible. I am happy to see that there are people like him who still believe in dialog with good faith to seek consensus. I applaud his call for moderation. We have long been calling for it. Their grand standing disallowed it thus far. I hope some in his own corner will listen to him now.

Interestingly, the word extremism (“tsinfegninet”) recurs in their conversation. It must be a Freudian slip, and I shall recognize it as such. (You can see for yourself who is being “extremist”.)