Help Girls Stay in School in Ethiopia

Help Girls Stay in School in Ethiopia

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Here is how you can help the mission of Saniya Foundation. We are launching our first fundraising effort for one of our programs, The Daraaraa Project aimed at solving the problem of Feminine hygiene products. We can help get a reusable pad for under two dollars. Every dollar counts, let us hit the goal! #WalkTheWalk

Campaign objective

(launchgood)–The Daraaraa Project is one of core programs f Saniya Foundation 501(c) (3) and it will supply girls & women with Sanitary pads in Ethiopia. #WalkTheWalk

Help Girls Stay in School and Realize their Potential in Ethiopia, Oromia!

In Ethiopia as many as 75% for girls and women have no access to sanitary pads. This problem is not unique to Ethiopia, this is the case for many African countries. This disrupts the lives of girls and women in many ways. The most important and damaging part of this issues is school girls who had to miss school because of lack of sanitary pads. The available data put the number school days missed as one out of 10 days and in rural areas it can be up to 5 days. That has a negative impact.

How do we become part of the the solution to this problem?

By supporting effort like us and many others and providing girls with sufficient sanitary pads through out their schooling years. Saniya Foundation’s Daraaraa Project will provide girls with continues supplies of sanitary pads and education on basic self care. Our campaign is unique because it is addressing the most neglected part of the country in the Oromia region. Girls and women here do not have the means or the availability for sanitary pads.

You can join us by being an ongoing donor of Saniya Foundation and the various projects we will launch to help women in Oromia, Ethiopia. You can share the link and spread the word as well.