Heera Mootummaa Federaalaawa Dimokiraataawa Ripaabliika Itoophiyaa Osoo Hin Cabsin haalli ADP n Finfinnee itti bulchu gonkumaa hin jiru.

Heera Mootummaa Federaalaawa Dimokiraataawa Ripaabliika Itoophiyaa Osoo Hin Cabsin haalli ADPn Finfinnee itti bulchu gonkumaa hin jiru.

ADP Finfinnee bulchuun sirna Federaalaa kan Diiguu dha; ODP Baahirdaar bulcha jechuun garaagarummaan qabu hin jiru.

Sirna moofaa du’e du’aa kaasuu dha!!!!

Heera Mootummaa Federaalaawa Dimokiraataawa Ripaabliika Itoophiyaa kwt. 50(1) tiin Mootummaa Federaalaawa Dimokiraataawa Ripaabliika Itoophiyaa mootummaa Federaalaa fi kan naannoleetiin kan caaseffamee(comprises the Federal Government and the State members) dha.. Miseensonni Mootummaa Federaalaawaa Dimokiraataawa Ripaablika Itoophiyaa sagal qofa akka ta’an HMFDRI kwt. 47(1) jalatti tumameera. Bulchiinsa Mootummaa naannooleetiin ala bulchiinsi lafa qabu kan biraa hin jiru. Teessumni lafaa ykn daangaan bu’uura hojiiwwan siyaasaa kamiyyuu ti(territory becomes the basis for political action). HMFDRI kwt.

2 tiin daangaan Itoophiyaa daangaalee miseensoota Federeeshinii kan hammatee dha. miseensoota Federeeshinii bu’uura ulaagaawwan kwt. 46(2) jalatti ibsaman:- haala qubsuma ummataa, afaan, eenyummaa fi eeyyama ummataati.HMFDRI Kwt. 47(1) Miseensoota saglan Daangaa Biyya Itoophiyaa ijaaran keessaa tokko Naannoo OROMIYAA daangaan isii adda bahee beekkamuu dha. Lafti bocaa fi bal’ina amma qabduun biyyi Itoophiyaa jedhamtu tun lafa naannoleen saglan qabataniin kan ijaaratmte akka ta’ee fi sanaan ala lafti biraa hin jiru.

Biyyi Itoophiyaa fi mootummaan kan naannooleetiin ala lafa ofii isaa kan biraa hin qabu. Lafti tokko lafa Itoophiyaa keessatti hammatamuuf dirqama lafaa naannolee keessaa isa tokko keessatti hammatamuu qaba jechuu dha. Bu’uura kanaan magaalaan FINFINNEE Lafa Bulchiinsa MNO irratti waan argamaniif magaalaa Oromiyaati jechuu dha. Bu’uura kanaan magaalaan FINFINNEE Dirqama Bulchiinsa MNO jalatti hammatamuu waan qabduuf magaalaa Oromiyaati jechuu dha.

Kanaaf qajeeltoo caasefama sirnaf federaalizimiitiin haala amma jiruun Oromiyaa ka
N bulchaa jiru ODP dha. Naannoo Amaaraa immoo ADP dha.  Haala armaan olitti xiinxalamneen Finfinneen magaalaa Oromiyaati yoo jenne haala amma jiruun ODP n ala paartiin miseensa EPRDF ta’e heeraa osoo hin cabsin Finfinnee itti bulchuu danda’u hin jiru. Kanaaf bu’uura heeraa fi seeraatiin, keessattuu utubaa biyya tanaa kan ta’e bu’uura sirna federaaliziimii tiin miseensa lama dhiisii tokkooyyuu achii qabaachuu hin danda’u.

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  1. Since their is no way for the ODP to administer Bahir Dar without violating the constitution of the country, there is no way for the ADP to administer Finfinnee, legitimately. The OPDO/ODP must stand up to ADP’s bullying and win the support of the Oromo people, by protecting Oromo interests. As Makale is for Tigrai, geographically, historically, legally, etc., Bahir Dar is for “Amhara” and Finfinnee is for Oromia. Any deceptive approaches to deny the ancestral rights of the Oromo to Finfinnee may lead to an unwanted outcome, the disintgration of the empire created by force and held togther by repression. We must be real; the ODP mustn’t hope to continue in power by down playing Oromo nationalism and trying to please anti-Oromo camps. Others also must understand that the Oromo have never put claim to Bahir Dar, and reciprocity is expected from civilized people. It must be clearly underlined that the issue of Finfinnee is central to the Oromo cause and any mishandling of this will cost the ODP beyond their imagination. Anti-Oromo camps also mustn’t hope that they will continue to maintain the status quo by manipulating ODP and blocking fair resolutions to the Finfinnee/Addis Ababa issues. Oromo patience mustn’t be considered as stupidity and taken for granted by OPDO cadres and their handlers. If the ODP continue to be as complacent as they have been and fail to assert themselves in protecting Oromo interests, and keep on being tools to the anti-Oromo camp, it is a matter of time for qeerroo and qarree who freed OPDOs from TPLF chain to take matter into their hands and free their people. OPDO/ODP mustn’t continue to be liabilities to the people they claim to represent. They must grasp that no amount of power and deception will stop the force of the great Oromo people in pursuit of justice and freedom.

    The question for other Oromo parties is: where do you stand on this? Maybe, just issue some press releases that can be ignored? Are you taking your responsibilities of being Oromo politicians serious enough? Do you just keep quiet and wait for the ADP to say “thank you for letting us to meddle in your regional affairs; come and administer Bahir Dar as you wish, please? In fact, if the EPRDF and Ethiopian political organizations in general and the ODP in particular are serious about correcting injustices in empire Ethiopia, “Amhara” over representation, at the cost of the Oromo and others, in federal institutions and other sectors would be addressed.

    Nevertheless, the key is in the hands of qeerroo and qarree in particular and the great Oromo people in general. Oromo, surely, you have not sacrificed your bright children to enable some Oromo individuals to join in with the anti-Oromo camps and enjoy the feasts while giving away Oromo interests. You acted in unison and removed the TPLF, who inflicted untold sufferings to the Oromo people and other Ethiopians, teaching dictators important lessons. Thus, it is not okay for you to be repressed by the very people (ODP) who claim to represent you. Isn’t it a shame for the people who tell you that they represent you, to ignore your just questions and give away your inalienable rights to your historical enemies? Oromo, you must understand your potential that you can act in unison and asset yourselves again. Any political part, which claims to represent you, trading in your name must show respect for your legitimate demands and work hard to protect your interests. Never shy away from exerting pressure on any political party that uses your name and claims to represent you. They must have something to show in order to get your supports. Qeerroo and qarree, you have generational responsibility to ascertain greater freedom and justice for your people.

    Wake up again, and never go back to sleep before you achieve your objectives, and make sure that you protect them! “In politics, being deceived is no excuse”!

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